selfie meaning

It all started with the Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie and since then love it or hate it, a #selfie has become a must do before/in the moment/after whatever we are doing. On twitter we have seen trends like #FirstLetMeTakeASelfie etc.

Ellen DeGeneres group Oscar selfie

With the selfie fever came newer and better ideas to capture your selfies in an improved manner. Even the smartphone makers have started incorporating better front cameras, wide angle front cameras and even flash with front camera. But even with that we all wanted something more, something more convenient and finally something that makes us click perfect selfies. And that led to my quest to find out the best way to take selfies, and I stumbled upon the concept of a selfie stick or monopod. But that’s not all, my search went on till I found this wholesale mobile accessory website called Cellular Outfitter.

This Selfie Stick I bought for myself is 9.25 inch that can extend to 39.5 inches. The telescopic arm is all metal, and that brightly coloured handle offers a firm grip. The reason I chose this particular selfie stick over other is because of its anti-slip clips keep phone secure, its standby time: 100 hrs, it includes: USB charging cable which allows you to press the shutter on any iOS or Android phone’s camera via Bluetooth, from up to 30 feet away.


Unlike other selfie sticks where you have to carry an extra remote with the stick, this one has in-built button and battery that can be charge with any micro-usb charger. That really sets it apart from the competition and also the unmatched price and quality of Cellular Outfitter makes it a must buy.

For me Cellular Outfitter has been the best because the ordered products:

  • leaves their US Warehouse Within 24 Hours
  • they have the lowest Prices Online Guaranteed
  • and their unconditional 90 Day Return Policy

So my final recommendation to all of you out there is – Head to Cellular Outfitter right now and order a Selfie stick for yourself and become a hero on your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Instagram 🙂

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