Indian market is flooded with smartphones these days. Some have exceptional camera resolution, some boost about their scratch free screen and few brag about their easy on pocket price. Selecting which one to go for is a tedious task. Tons of offers and goodies tend to astray us from getting the real deal and that’s where we lose our focus to get our hands on a reliable smartphone.

Asus has amalgamated all these features and has presented it in a smartphone of our age the “ZenFone5” that is powered by Intel Atom Processor with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. Not only does it load the webpages faster it makes the hopping from one app to the other seamless.

As we know, we all use our smartphones to click and store memories with our friends and family. Zenfone5 is the best companion you can ever get for keeping the moments alive, as it comes with a unique PixelMaster 8MP Camera. I know, you are eager to know what more can it offer.

PixelMaster is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver image quality like never before.

  • Now clicking pictures in the night is possible with just push of a button, the low-light mode captures photos or videos, day or night
  • The high quality 5-element optical camera not only gathers much more light for better picture clarity but also enhances the brightness and makes the picture distortion-free
  • With this amazing feature of time Rewind, the camera automatically starts recording images two seconds before and a second after pressing the shutter button
  • The ultra cool image stabilization technology ensures shake-free and crisp PanoSphere has taken the panorama mode to another level. Now clicking full spherical photos of the surroundings is a child’s play
  • With the welfie replacing the selfie, all the friends can be in the same frame as selfie mode asks for the number of people in a shot
  • PixelMaster’s Clear Zoom technology maintains incredible clarity irrespective of the zoom-in or zoom-out
  • SmartRemove feature easily removes passers-by which might ruin the pictures

The PixelMaster technology is one of the most astounding camera technologies, which has surfaced on the tech arena. That makes Zenfone5 a hot favorite as a Valentine Gift and impeccable in capturing memories life long.

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