Signtist - The new sign language

How often do you hear of an original idea in the world of word puzzles? Signtist© is a unique concept which has been copyrighted by the author, Arpita Khadria, in over 130 countries. So, in essence it is a ‘new to the world’ idea and is different from all other word games out there. Signtist© is first being launched in the form of books and a mobile game across various platforms. Its competitors are otherword games like Ruzzle, Boggle, Scrabble, Wordament etc.   But in each of those games there is asimilar model of making as many words, or the longest word, from the given letters. However, Signtist©is a pattern based word puzzle unlike its competitors.

The Idea

Ever  noticed  how  we  inadvertently  form  a  pattern  while  typing  an  SMS?  Signtist© does the opposite! It gives you a pattern and asks you to guess the word. It’s that simple!

Signtist© Books:

The Signtist© puzzle book is a lovely travel partner. The books are compact and of high quality with complete color print. With more than 8 variations to choose from the books make for a nice brain teaser. From categories like– animals, countries, brand names and movies to easy, medium, and difficult,the books have it all! There are creative clues behind each pattern. And answers are at the back of thebook. The game also has Tshirts with amusing one-liners on sale on Flipkart.

Priced reasonably between 125250 rupees each, the books have 50100 puzzles respectively. For those who really enjoy challenging word puzzles, there are combo boxes available too starting at just Rs.370. Signtist© books are being launched exclusively on Flipkart for the first one month. Flipkart has alwayencouraged new ideas that break the mould. And hence Signtist was a good fit.

Signtist© Mobile game:

The Signtist© mobile game will be launched on Android and iOS to begin with under the banner of Bezzerk Inc. Windows version will be launched subsequently. The app is absolutely free and has been sponsored by Mentos and Flipkart who believe in the idea and see a great brand fit.

The mobile version of the game has more than 1500 games with different modes of play, whichother games do not offer. The variation gives the player variety and stimulates his mind in some modesand in others it’s just fun guesswork giving him the much needed comic relief.

Unlike other games where you get partial satisfaction for getting some words right, here you either getthe word or you don’t. So the feeling of winning or losing is stronger. And because it is a time basedgame, one would like to play it again and again to better one’s scores. Hence it is highly addictive!Signtist© has both the single and the multiplayer features.

The mobile game even has a my sign” feature which allows you to get a pattern of your own name! Thiscan become the next sign language in the market. Also the minimalistic look of the UI differentiates Signtist© from all the other games out there.

Future potential:

Signtist© has the potential to take on various languages and still be as appealing and interesting. It is aworld idea and can be launched in most countries. We hope to become the most innovative and lovedgame worldwide. Puzzles form the biggest genre of casual games and this idea will appeal to anyonewho can spell” said Arpita.

Signtist© is a game which can also be promoted on other media going forward, making it far morepervasive in its appeal. Just like Sudoku, this game can reach out to many more people through various different platforms like dailies; magazines etc. The game can sit right next to a crossword in a newspaperor sell at bus stations as booklets.

This is the next big thing in the world of word puzzles which is currently stagnating in terms of ideas. The new version of the game will have many more exciting features for the gamer to enjoy and this isonly the beginning.

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