ITC EON Review

Vape on and put your cape on, yes it’s time to become a superhero. By launching EON Electronic Vaping Device (EVD), ITC has given the consumers more options and flavours to vape on. Before we move on further, it’s very important for you to understand what exactly an EVD is.

The term EVD is more commonly called as electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, and there is absolutely no tobacco or combustion process involved in it. The western world has already adopted it with open arms due it numerous benefits like:

* E-cigarettes do not have this ominous odour

* You can smoke them socially, at a public place or inside a hall

* You have variety of flavours to choose from

* It’s cheaper than regular cigarettes

We bet that after reading the above benefits, you must be saying it to yourself that it’s time we adopt it or at least give it a try. In US and Europe the E-cigarettes are growing at a rapid pace and would have 40% market share in the next 5 years. Even though, Indians have just got an opportunity to start vaping, but with product quality, packaging, distribution and brand worthiness, India won’t be left behind.

Eon Electronic Cigarettes does not emit smoke so you are free from the smell that sticks onto your hair, clothes, room and furniture. The refreshing smell of menthol will keep you fresh all day long. With EON you can vape in restaurants, bars, hotels, and even offices. No need to go outside your office and stand in the blistering cold or the sweltering heat of the sun for a smoking break.

As mentioned about that till now the options were very limited and unsafe but now we have the most reliable brand, ITC giving us a choice. At the moment, Eon is available in two variants — Rich Flavour and Menthol. As it a quality ITC product, the e-liquid, which on being heated vaporizes, has been blended, using quality ingredients and flavours.

ITC EON e-vape flavours

And the best part is that a Rs. 300/- Eon gives almost 250 puffs according to the company. You can call it the next big trend and as we said in the beginning ‘Vape on and put your Cape on’ 🙂

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