Life hacking Apps

The term ‘life hack’ may have first been coined in the corridors of Silicon Valley, but California doesn’t hold the monopoly on the best ways to make our lives more efficient! There is a wealth of life hack apps cropping up all over the world and no more so than India, where the tech sector is currently enjoying something of an explosion. We’ve put a list of apps to bring to you a variety of the most useful life hack apps that we hope will make your daily life that little bit more efficient:


Why? To make super-cool timelapse videos easily and efficiently


The brainchild of the creators of Instagram, Hyperlapse is one of the most effective creative apps out there. Using a combination of algorithms to correct the images in the shot and emulate advanced image stabilisation tech, Hyperlapse allows you to create impressive time lapse videos of almost anything. It even makes the Delhi traffic look glamorous and artistic, which as we know is no mean feat…

Available now on iOS


Why? For a quick, easy and personalised typing experience, wherever you are


What’s not to love? SwiftKey is the app of choice for the productive smartphone typer, creating a uniquely accurate predictive and auto-correct typing experience. SwiftKey covers 15 Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi, and users can type in up to three languages at any one time.

Available now on Android and iOS


Why? For keeping track of TV shows and movies on the go


Star India’s latest app lets you watch all of the latest TV shows, movies and live sports free-of-charge from a 35,000 hour-long library of entertainment. The company has also just acquired weekly entertainment paper Screen which will help to bolster the main app.

Available on both Android and iOS


Why? To gossip


The much-anticipated app Secret allows you to share your innermost thoughts – and even images! – with the people in your life, completely anonymously. No one will ever know the source of any messages they receive beyond a sent from ‘Friend’ or ‘Friend of Friend’, which could be both entertaining and incredibly frustrating, depending on the content! One point to note: the app will detect malicious content and give a warning to the sender to ward off offensive content.

Available on Android and iOS


Why? To book movie tickets asap


Bookmyshow is an incredibly useful tool that lets you book movie showings, plays and other events like gigs at blueFROG in Delhi at the click of a button. Self-styled as a ‘one-stop shop for all your ticketing and entertainment shows’, Bookmyshow also includes recent reviews and detects your location to find you the best live showings around you at any one time.

Available on Android and iOS

Well that brings us to the end of our list but as there are so many more apps that could have been in the list. So if you have any app in mind then we would request you to leave a comment below and we would add it to the post.

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