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Amazon today announced the availability of Kindle Voyage, the 7thgeneration of Kindle, in India. Kindle Voyage is the thinnest, most advanced Kindle ever and features a higher resolution, higher contrast display with a new adaptive front light and reimagined page turns.  

“The stylishly designed Kindle Voyage was crafted to give readers the best possible reading experience,” said Rajiv Mehta, Country Manager, Kindle India. “They can download books from the selection of 3 million eBooks in the India Kindle Store, read for hours without eyestrain or glare, and even read in bright sunlight. With free 3G available on Kindle Voyage, users never have to hunt for or pay for a Wi-Fi hotspot. With a battery life that’s measured in weeks, it is the perfect reading companion.”

Kindle Voyage will be unveiled for Indian customers at the opening day’s finale show by JJ Valaya, titled “The Bolshoi Bazaar” at the Amazon India Fashion week Autumn-Winter, 2015.

“It gives me immense joy to associate with Kindle, an experience discovered by me only a few months back. Being an avid reader or rather used to soaking in visual experiences of elaborate coffee table books, I had never really felt the need to invest in books that were meant to be read. But the geek in me unearthed the reader in me when I discovered Kindle…be it Philosophy, Poetry, History from across the planet, this was the perfect answer!” said Valaya.

Earlier this week, India Kindle Store also announced support for local credit and debit cards, net banking and gift cards to purchase eBooks.


 “We want to make it easier for our customers across India to read more and more, anytime and anywhere. The choice of devices and additional payment methods are all to enable and celebrate their passion for reading.” added Mehta.

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Kindle Voyage—Our Most Advanced E-Reader with Innovative Features

  • All-New Design—The Thinnest Kindle Ever
    Kindle Voyage features a sophisticated, all-new design, with a beautiful flush glass front and a magnesium back, so it is strong, thin, and light. At just 7.6 mm thin and weighing less than 6.4 ounces, Kindle Voyage is the thinnest device we’ve ever built, making it even easier to hold with one hand and read for hours.
  • Next Generation Paperwhite Display
    Kindle Voyage uses a brand new Paperwhite display, with the highest resolution, highest contrast, and highest brightness of any Kindle. With 300 pixels per inch, the new Paperwhite display delivers laser-quality text and images. The exclusive flush-front display stack uses specially strengthened glass, which is designed to resist scratches. Since regular glass would create glare, the cover glass on Kindle Voyage is micro-etched in order to diffuse light, ensuring you can read easily in bright light without glare. The etching pattern on the glass also serves to match the feel of paper.
  • Adaptive Front Light—Our Smartest Front Light
    In addition to being our brightest front light ever, the new adaptive front light automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the surrounding light. And because not everyone has the same lighting preferences, the adaptive front light can be fine-tuned to your personal preference. Also, since the human eye adjusts to darkness over time, the light you need when you start reading in the dark will seem too bright 30 minutes later—the adaptive front light slowly lowers the display’s brightness over time to match the way the eye responds to darkness.
  • PagePress—Reimagined Page Turns
    Kindle Voyage introduces PagePress, a new way to turn pages. PagePress uses a custom-designed force sensor that sits directly under the bezel. You simply rest your thumb on the bezel and turn the page by lightly pressing. When you turn the page, Kindle Voyage delivers tactile feedback from a haptic actuator. The actuator delivers just enough vibration to let you know you turned the page, but is subtle enough that you won’t be distracted from your reading. You can personalize both the pressure level needed to trigger a page turn and the haptic feedback level.
  • New Origami Cover
    The new origami-style cover design is inspired by the best-selling Origami covers for Fire tablets, and provides a stand for both portrait and landscape positions. Origami covers attach magnetically so they are easy to take on and off, and automatically turn the Kindle Voyage on and off when readers open and close the cover.
  • Free 3G
    Kindle Voyage is available with free 3G, which means users never have to hunt for or pay for a Wi-Fi hotspot—simply download and read books anytime, anywhere, in over 100 countries around the world. Amazon pays for the 3G connection – the user pays no monthly fees and signs no annual contracts.

Customer-Favourite Kindle Features Include:

Kindle Voyage includes all of the features that have made the Kindle family the best-selling e-reader in the world for seven years including:

  • Worry-Free Archive—Kindle books are automatically backed up in the cloud, so readers never need to worry about losing books and can re-download the books wirelessly anytime for free.
  • Weeks of Battery Life— Kindle e-readers have battery life that is measured in weeks, not hours.
  • No set up required— Kindle arrives pre-registered so customers can start reading immediately.
  • Whispersync—The last page read is saved and synchronized with bookmarks and annotations across all devices and Kindle apps, so readers can always pick up where they left off.
  • Smart Lookup—Full dictionary definitions are integrated with other reference information via X-Ray and Wikipedia.
  • Time to Read—Readers will know how much time it will take to finish a chapter or a book based on their personalized reading speed.
  • Kindle Page Flip—Readers can skim page-by-page, scan by chapter or jump to anywhere in their book all without losing their place.
  • Vocabulary Builder—Words readers look up in the dictionary are compiled into an easy-to-access list. One can use these lists to quiz themselves with flashcards and instantly see words in context.
  • Facebook and Twitter—Readers can share book recommendations, highlighted sections and meaningful quotes with friends.

The new Kindle Voyage priced at Rs 16, 499/- is available starting today at and through 350 plus offline stores across the country.

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