Once upon a time, being anonymous was very popular on internet when people use to chat secretively through alias names on Yahoo Chat rooms or ICQ Messenger. The belief started evaporating with the society objecting to the powers of being anonymous. A year ago, mainstream social networks spoke about how much they emphasise on genuine and verified profiles. However, looks like anonymity is back in trends.

These days the youth who are using single identity networks are often scared of the idea where, what they are going to express might be traced back to their profile, imagine the feeling where you have to hit the backspace key and forgo the idea of real expression. We have seen cases in the past where people express their ideas on platforms that promote free speech and the legions of the society pounce on them with their moral compass pointing south. Real-world accountability would force us all to behave more responsibly online, they mocked. The days of hiding behind pseudonymous usernames seemed numbered.

It might sound funny but anonymity has come back to life. We have 5 anonymous sharing apps that allow you to vent, confess, or share secrets with strangers while going incognito:


Secret app

Secret is an app that allows people to share messages anonymously within their circle of friends, friends of friends, and publicly. It differs from other anonymous sharing apps in that it is intended for sharing primarily with friends and friends of friends within one’s own social network, potentially making it an interesting guessing game, and therefore addictive for people reading the updates. This app enables you to share secret posts, join conversations and give your opinion, chat privately and make new friends unlocking a world of discovery to be undertaken by the most curious of minds.



A comprehensive social media and open social networking portal that connects people with similar or conflicting interests. Available on Android, iOS and Web, it is slowly changing the landscape of social media, giving it more meaning through “Topic” based networking.

Complete strangers from all over the world are meeting on Smartican through their interest in common topics. Smartican today has 2,000,000 users and is one of the most addictive apps in the block. With its very own native video sharing platform Smartiwood, even video sharing has become convenient as you don’t have to use 3rd party video sharing websites and tag those links here.

The best part of the social media portal is that it is a dual identity network where you have a platform to speak your heart out with the option of being Anonymous. By voicing on this platform you will see your audience actively listening and will probably respond with equal gusto.

Nimbuzz ‘Masque’

  Nimbuzz Masque

The team behind Masque intends to do precisely what a mask does. Masque is a free anonymous & unique application which helps you discover interesting people to chat with. Without revealing your identity (unless you have fallen for a mask) you can chat, flirt, discuss or debate on any topic anytime you want while staying anonymous. You can connect with multiple strangers & chat with them at the same time. Share selfies and audio notes without fear for they will self-destruct after they have viewed once. So be in control of the conversation, terminate it with a single touch and nobody gets hurt.


 Whisper App

The app allows you to express yourself online, lets you connect with likeminded individuals, and discover the unseen world around you. Whisper is a very popular anonymous sharing apps. Since launching two years ago, it is generating billions of page views a month. It’s huge among high school and college students, who use it to share personal confessions and random musings set on top of images. The app is available on iOS and Android.


Confess App

Confess, as the name suggests is a confessions app made for sharing your secrets while being incognito. You can read confessions from friends, from people around (local confessions) or just the popular ones or chat with the person posting a confession or a comment anonymously. The app is available on Google play store.

So if you think #Section66A can take a u-turn and you need to be full proof then you shall start using these apps already!

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  1. I think you miss out the UgotCrush app in this article. It allows you to make secret confession to a crush and also do anonymous chatting.

  2. is built to provide ‘A Safe Place’ for users who want to Write Anonymously and do not wish to reveal their identity. Vigyaa Anonymous requires no log-in, your IP address is not tracked and we do not leave any cache files on your browser or SERVER.

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