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UCWeb, announced at the ad:tech New Delhi, that the company will initiate more promotional campaigns to help Indian developers, publishers and advertisers to catch up with the mobile trend and embrace the ever-growing mobile users base. 

The huge potential of mobile marketing

The growing penetration of smartphone in the country continues to increase the mobile ad market size. At the same time,more and more advertisers and marketers are investing on mobile as they realize the future of internet lies on mobile. In India, mobile internet advertising spending would reach 58.9 million USD in 2015 with over 80% year-on-year growth, according to statistics firm Statista

“Our huge user base lays a foundation for building a powerful mobile traffic platform”, said Kenny Ye, Managing Director of UCWeb India. “We are the market leader in many aspects in the country, and now we want to help our partners grow together. The UC Open Platform will offer more and more competitive promotion plans to Indian developers, publishers and advertisers. For instance, we launched a Partner Program for Indian app developers to reach more global mobile users and get more quality traffic faster.” 

In the past 10 year, more than 5000 partners including advertiser, content/service providers and internet platform have chosen UCWeb as their partners in mobile market. In return for their trust, UC Open Platform grows together with them continuously, by helping them to embrace users around the globe.


How Can UC Open Platform help partners to grow in mobile world

Adhering to the mission of providing better mobile experience, UCWeb once again showcased its UC Open Platform which consists of UC Browser, 9Apps/9Game and UC Union. Serving as the world’s largest third party mobile browser (by page view according to StatCounter), UC Browser provides advertisers with advertising, brand promotion and user/traffic acquisition globally through its rich navigation page. 

For mobile advertising and traffic monetization, UC Union is a leading global mobile traffic network with years of experience and abundant resources in app promotion and mobile traffic operation. For instance, advice on global mobile promotion and effective distribution channels facilitate advertisers to quickly get traffic and get brand exposure. More than just an ad network, UC Union allows publishers to monetize traffic with quality mobile ads such as app wall, interstitial ads and banner.

In terms of app/game distribution, 9Apps and 9Game are far-reaching app marketplaces offering developers effective solutions and services for user acquisition and fruitful monetization. With the help of partner program, Indian developers are benefited from an integrated marketing package containing branding, game promotion, user acquisition and optimized ad solutions. Aside from that, insightful big data analysis and localized mobile payment teach Indian partners how to understand target users better and make money smarter. Better visibility and easier discovery of app/game are ensured for Indian partners as well.

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