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The weather is so unpredictable; two weeks ago it was cold and we weren’t even done with our winter clothes and now it’s so hot that we can barely walk under the sun without getting a burn. The heat makes you cranky, takes your focus away from work, might as well affect your health and take away those casual leaves you were saving to go on a vacation. To ensure that you have a pleasant summer this year, we have a got 7 tips for you to defeat the summer heat left, right and centre just by using your smartphone:

Do I Need An Umbrella?

So you step outside your house without the knowledge of how the weather is going to be like and end up have a headache or dehydration, courtesy: the shining sun. Knowing whether to carry an umbrella or not, might sound like a difficult task but it is very important for you to know how the clouds are behaving. A bright summer day means more chances of you getting a heat stroke or a windy weather, as our folks say can result in dehydration or a loo. We suggest you to download a weather and alarm clock app on your Smartphone, whenever you wake up using your alarm, you can also take a quick look at how the weather is going to be like. This will help you to choose what to wear and help you to prepare against the adverse weather conditions. Apps such as The Weather Channel, Weather & Clock Widget Android and Yahoo Weather can help you gear up against the heat. You can also use your personal voice assistant Siri, Ok Google or Cortana and ask for a quick weather update.

the weather channel

A Smoothie Start

A great way to start your day is to have a fruit smoothie which will keep yourself healthy and refreshed throughout the season. Usually they are made using ice creams and frozen yoghurts which might be a bit calorific however you could also make smoothies by using low fat yoghurt or low fat ice cream. No need to make the regular vanilla ice cream smoothie and we know that finding tried and tested recipes is a time consuming activity. Apps such as Best Smoothie Recipes, Smoothie Recipes and Fruit Smoothies can be a helping hand in giving you a multitude of tasty and healthy smoothie recipe.


It’s so Hot, I Totally Forgot to Do That

Hot weather tends to wear you down making you forget things, important things related to your professional and personal life. You can make a list of things on a paper but what if you forget the paper. Making note of things is very important and you can use your Smartphone for this responsibility. Apps such as Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep can solve this problem. Make a To-Do list on such apps or take voice notes on the Evernote app and never forget things.


A Glass of Water Please

It is very important to stay hydrated as you body fluid levels can drops very fast in the heat. All you remember is to quench your thirst by having a glass of cold water however that is not how your body works. It must have happened to you when you have an urge to take something fizzy and end up buying a costly soda pop, it happens when you are unaware of your daily average intake of water and you push your body to the limit when it desperately needs rehydration. Apps such as Aqualert, Water Your Body and Hydro drink water can help you understand you daily water intake requirements.

water your body

I’m not in a mood

Summer heat can have a drastic change in your mood making you cranky and unenergetic. Psychologists say that excessive heat or bad weather in general can cause you to misunderstand things and create confusion and stress. To boost up your mood and make you stay in the game, you should listen to music or play small games to keep stress off your mind. Apps such as Saavn, 2048 and Cut The Rope can help you get your peace and think clearly.


My Heart Will Go On

If the weather is hot and your heart is beating fast, it is a sign that you need to take a rest. Wearable technology is evolving day by day and providing solutions to map your fitness levels. It is necessary to map your fitness and monitor your heart rate to stay healthy. From fitness bands to smart watches, apps such as Google Fit, MSN Health & Fitness and TomTom MySports can make you aware of your fitness levels.

 google health

Why is this road always jammed?

This one would’ve happened with you many a times and it is not easy to face vehicular traffic amid scorching heat. There can be times when your car AC wouldn’t be as effective as you want it to be and what if it is a 2 wheeler, bus or an auto rickshaw you are travelling with. It is suggested to start your day as early as possible to avoid traffic jams while the route is clear, however if you have no other alternatives, use apps such as Traffline, Google Maps and HERE Drive to get yourself out of the oven.


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