Overcart.com, has now extended its offerings to books. A ‘Books and Mediacategory has been added on the portal aimed at book lovers and general readers.

books on overcart

This is Overcart’sfirst category outside of consumer electronics.  The company also recently brought on board shish Rohil, co-founder of used-books marketplace, Madbooks.com to expand its foray into non-electronic categories. “Books do not typically depreciate as fast as electronics, and the value of books remains the same even if it has been read before.  As always, the inventory comes from excess stock stuck with reputed retailers and are in short supply. Our mission is to provide affordable reading by ensuring access to quality books to our customers.  For our launch day early next week, we will sell these books at just three price points—Rs.49, Rs.99, and Rs.149. For the launch date offers, customers can sign up on the website for updates and notifications.” said Rohil.

Overcart is the first brand in India to have tapped the ‘unboxed’ and ‘refurbished’ products space in an organised way. The company helps streamline the supply chain for such products by providing an avenue to manufacturers and retailers to liquidate excess stock and customer returns.

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