Blue Eyes Vodka price

The first time I saw the Blue Eyes Vodka bottle, I was reminded of Honey Singh’s track blue eyes 😉

No kidding, in fact you should have it whilst the track is playing in the background and you might enjoy it even more. Ok enough of tripping so lets get down to business – Blue Eyes Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka from India. The quality is considered to be great. The average price is around INR 500 per 750mL.

Blue Eyes Vodka Review


The Blue Eyes is smooth, especially for the price. This is another one of those premium vodkas selling for a non-premium price. It has very little flavor at first, then follows with a pleasant bitter tinge as it sits. On swallow, the bitter gets a little less enjoyable, but the vodka goes down like water. There is no need for a cooler, as the mild flavours won’t burn your throat down.


Blue Eyes Vodka cocktailI mixed Blue Eyes Vodka with Strawberry Juice. There is a slight bitterness, but it’s very easy to drink. I would be willing to bet that Blue Eyes would mix great with just about anything.


Blue Eyes Vodka flavoursI won’t lie. I am wine lover, but when I got 2 variants of Blue Eyes Vodka to try, I was down to business to enjoy the vodka. There are vodkas, that have a distinct alcohol flavor. I would even go as far to describe them as isopropyl-like. This is due to aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones left in the alcohol. The word “vodka” means water, because that is where the flavor is meant to originate. When a vodka is made properly, what you are left with is a refined alcohol, refined water, and the trace minerals which give that water character.
If you are tasting the alcohol, you’ve missed the point of making vodka. If you prefer that sharp alcohol flavor, then this is not the vodka you are looking for. In this vodka,  the mineral bitterness and character are definitely on a relative par with each other. If you haven’t had Blue Eyes Vodka yet, you need to get a bottle for this weekend. But before that, you need to know that as this is a fairly new brand and you wouldn’t find it that easily. And also, you might need to gulp a down a few drinks before you can develop a taste for its smoothness. Lastly, the price is great and the quality is even better.

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