Lights Camera Action (HKV) Restaurant Unbiased Review

These days restaurants seems to be trying new formulas to make eating out more fun and exciting. Going out for lunch or dinners today is as much about the whole experience of the place as the food. Let’s face it, today most of us go out to have a good time, catch up with friends and family or to distress ourselves. For all this and more we went to Lights Camera Action Hauz Khas. The place is so filmy that reading all those dialogues on the walls as soon as you enter the stairs almost gave me a feeling of a Bollywood actress. 😉

Lights Camera Action (HKV) Restaurant ReviewThe walls are all painted with Bollywood actors & actresses with their famous dialogues, it was fun reading the funny dialogues on the wall. For every Bollywood fan, this place is a paradise. The staff was courteous and always smiling. The restaurant even have open space, if you are lucky to be in Hauz Khas Village on a good weather evening or want some fresh air. The menu was not less filmy! 😉 It is quite evident that a lot of thought has put into every detail in the menu, relating each dish to Bollywood whether it’s the dialogue or the dish is named on the famous Bollywood characters. Firstly in appetisers I ordered the Pataka Chicken (Honey Chilli Chicken). It’s their Signature dish and I was glad I ordered it. They were truly a great mixture of Hot and Spicy. The Sesame seeds garnishing on top tasted good. The seasoning was a great mix of sweet, smokey and garlic. Lights Camera Action (HKV) Restaurant ReviewThe next I saw in the menu was Naanza’s, a wide variety in veg as well as in non – veg. So I ordered for ‘Sholay’ – Spicy BBQ Chicken, Onion, Spring Onion, Mint Yoghurt. Lights Camera Action (HKV) Restaurant ReviewThe Chef recommended this dish and I was intrigued to it as I love naan, it’s the Indian handmade bread and baked in a big clay oven. The first thing I noticed when the Naanza arrived was the ‘Cheese’. It looked good and tasted even better, the sauce gave it a flavour with a nice hint of oregano. Naanza’s cheese was really good – creamy, stretchy and gooey but one thing that could make the whole experience of having a Naanza bad is not having it hot as served otherwise the cheese will go hard and will make the experience worse. Along with appetisers we ordered our drinks, ‘Rang Barse’ – Lime and Strawberry Margarita and ‘Angoori’ – Fresh Grapes with Vodka. Both our drinks were great but fresh Strawberry Margaritas are my summer day time favourite. They’re made of strawberries, freshly squeezed lime juice and tequila, all blended up with ice. A rim of salt give a nice contrast to the sweetness of the berries and makes it a nice way to cool down a hot afternoon. Being a street food lover I had to try their ‘Bhiku Matre Vada Pav’ most popularly known as Mumbai ka King. Lights Camera Action (HKV) Restaurant Review

For main course we ordered ‘Bheja Fry’ – Bheja Fry (also called Maghaz Fry in some parts of India) with Buns. We really relished the exquisite and creamy flavour of the dish along with the sweet caramelized onions and spicy green chillies and fresh aromatic herbs. Before, I share my unbiased take on Lights Camera Action (HKV), have a look at the pictures below, specially the funny posters they have put 😉

Here’s my unbiased take on dining at Lights Camera Action Hauz Khas Village

Décor and Ambiance: 9 (The Shahrukh Khan & Sheldon Cooper posters are my favourite)

Menu Design: 8

Menu Variety: 7

Service: 8

Wait Time: 9

Food: 8

Value for Money: 7

Overall Dining Experience: 8/10

LCA Hauz Khas Village is definitely a great choice for get together with friends and family. The ambience is great but like LCA Rajouri Garden we would also suggest them to host different nights on a weekly or daily basis like – Ladies Night, Sufi Night etc.

If you too have been to Lights Camera Action – Hauz Khas Village, then do share it with us in the comments section below.

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