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Back in the UK, I never had to worry about buying refurbished products thanks to the companies like Apple, Dell etc having their own refurbished stores. And if a particular company didn’t have a refurbished store, we always had CEX (now Webuy). I’ll be honest that I always missed these privileges after moving back to India. Its not there was no such option in India, but none of them were reliable or trustworthy.

But recently, a lot of websites selling refurbished goods came online and I decided to risk my money once again. As I was looking for a laptop for one of our colleague @theunbiasedblog, so I ordered a Dell Laptop from a website called GreenDust. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such quick and great service leave alone the product. But surprisingly, not only the service was immaculate but also the product. In fact it was as good as new. Have a look the pictures below and see for yourself:

Greendust review
GreenDust Packaging



Refurshbised Dell Laptop from GreenDust - The Unbiased Blog
It even came along with a promotional recovery service

Refurshbised Dell Laptop from GreenDust joins @theunbiasedblog office  Dell Laptop Greendust

GreenDust Laptop Review

Refurshbised Dell Laptop from GreenDust joins @theunbiasedblog office
Refurbished Dell Laptop from GreenDust joins @theunbiasedblog office

As you would have noticed the product was packaged really well and the laptop was nothing short of a new product. The risk I took turned out to be rather beneficial as I saved INR 6K+ on this Dell Laptop. It’s been almost a month and the laptop is working flawlessly and I’m proud of myself finding this cracker of a deal. The only downside was that it came with a copy of Windows 8 that was not activated so we had to purchase a license of the Windows 8 operating system. But you can’t blame GreenDust for it as this model was sold with MS-Dos installed on it and you anyway had to purchase an OS license for it.

As this was my first successful attempt of buying a refurbished electronic product, I’d recommend you guys to give a try yourself. You guys have nothing to worry as the refurbished products being sold on GreenDust go through a stringent 50 Point Quality Inspection process to get GreenDust seal of approval. On top of that, the products come with One Year Warranty, 15 days Returns Policy, Tech Support, After Sales Service and GreenDust Protection Plan So do share your experience of shopping at GreenDust with us in the comments section below or on twitter and Facebook.

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