What I’ve learnt about advice is that its very easy to pass it on to someone but very hard to really accept one. As John Steinbeck once said “You know how advice is. You only want it if it agrees with what you wanted to do anyway.” And isn’t that really true for us? Our parents, teachers, friends and family all advice us throughout our lives but we seldom take it seriously and act upon it.

But, when it comes to giving advice to someone we are as quick as Usain Bolt. If there was study on how much advice we give and receive (that we actually make us of) it will nothing less than 9:1. But that’s the irony of ‘Advice’!

For that matter, I’ve been really blessed to be surrounded by friends & family who have always supported me and guided me. Their advice has really changed my life for the better each time around. I’ll be honest, I too ignored most of their suggestions and learnt the hard way but nevertheless what I am today is because of the advice they once gave me.

There will always be friends who will drag you to the nearest bar or betel shop when you are in school or college and that one friend will always stop you from it. In my case, I was the one who stopped by best mates to stop smoking when we were in school. I even threatened them about informing their parents and school authorities so that they stop it before it became a habit for them. The ones who took my advice are still non-smokers and the ones who didn’t stopped talking to me. But when we all reconnected on Facebook after 10 years, one of them said “I wish, I had listened to you and took your advice back then or even got threatened by you”.

I had mixed feelings after listening to him, I didn’t know whether to smile for the one’s who stopped smoking because of me or to be upset about for the one’s who didn’t. But as I said earlier, we are always keen on giving advice rather than accepting it. All I can say in the end is that if your advice has helped someone or someone else’s advice brought about a positive change in your life then do share it with us. Last but not the least, Max Life Insurance is giving you an honest advice so don’t let it go waste. I also urge you to watch this heartwarming #SachchiAdvice video


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