Meizu Technology (MEIZU) officially launched its high-end flagship phone PRO 5, with the storage of 3GB,32G and 4GB, 64G. CEO of Meizu Technology, Bai Yongxiang, introduced the PRO 5 to the media, guests and fans from the world. This flagship product represents Meizu’s philosophy in the high-end phones, which will bring a better user experience to consumers.

Meizu PRO 5


In order to pursue a unified and comfortable feel, we designed 0.1 mm integral sinking in the upper and lower sections of the PRO 5 and then applied the baking varnish to form a straight line with the middle of the phonA customized diamond knife makes the trimming more dazzling, 3D polishing three times makes the body delicate and tougher, five times spraying accurately to 0.02 mm thick makes the surface smoother and more durable, mechanical and manual polishing ensures a perfectly rounded arc. The highest degree of understanding of Meizu metal craft is embodied in various changes and upgrades of the PRO 5, which has the colour of gray, silver-white, sliver-black and rose-gold.


The 5.7 inch 1080P display screen adds a larger field of view to deliver more content, save power and ensure longer battery life. The re-tuned delta cool color AMOLED screen is more suitable for the eyes. With 10000:1 contrast ratio and 100% NTSC color gamut, the AMOLED scree can also be quite beautiful.

5.7 inch Full-HD | 40% power saving | 2.5D arc glass


The PRO 5 features the new SONY 21.16 mega-pixels CMOS, which makes full-sized zero-delay shutter a reality. In addition, the PRO 5 camera also integrates PDAF phase focusing and laser-assisted focusing to significantly improve the focusing speed under complicated lighting conditions. Carefully tailored LARGAN 6P lenses greatly improve resolution. The OV5670 CMOS, ƒ/2.2 large aperture ring with 5 mega pixels is used for the front camera of the PRO 5, and the self-timer function can be used even in the dark. The system supports the 100 file whitening, defect removal and other real time fine adjustments to make your world more beautiful.

UFS 2.0

UFS 2.0 adopted by PRO 5 is honored as the future of flash memory technology. It adopts 16nm process technology and supports simultaneous read-write. However, eMMC 5.0 can only perform one-way reading and writing. It is also endowed with the random access performance which can be compared with an SSD and is 4 times that of eMMC5.0. The volume is the same as eMMC 5.0 and the power consumption is very low. With such a powerful read-write function, the speed for opening the application is greatly improved. The photo album can be browsed directly without waiting and the 4K high-definition video will be smoother.


An Exynos 7420 8-core 64-bit processor, octa-core Mali-T760 graphics renderer, 14nm 3D FinFET processing technology. For the dual quad-core seamless cooperation of the A57+A53, the basic frequency reaches 2.1GHz. PRO 5 is also equipped with a Sensor Hub co-processor, which is also a mini computing center. With a low power consumption, it can efficiently collect data from multiple sensors to monitor the status of your campaign at any time.

mTouch 2.1

The PRO 5 uses the latest generation of fingerprint sensor of Fingerprint Cards to enhance the accuracy and response speed of the fingerprint module, under the premise of ensuring safety. Panasonic and other well-known suppliers supply components for the fingerprint module of the PRO 5 with a large metal area and longer key travel, making the necessary force more uniform, yet softer to the touch using the same amount of pressure,

mCharge 2.0

mCharge supports up to 24W fast charging and 30 minutes of charging will give you up to 65% of battery capacity. The PRO 5 also fully supports the charger under PD agreement, and enables the quick charging function. In addition, we also use a separate TI BQ27532 power metering chip for precise monitoring of battery power and voltage, to enable fast charging safely and extend battery life plus secondary over-voltage current protection.

Hi-Fi Sound 2.0

With the ES9018K2M and OPA1612 elements which are normally only used on a Hi-Fi player, PRO 5 also has a Solo amp circuit at benchmark level on this basis and added four pairs of NXP high current transistors. As a result, the drive capability of the PRO 5 has improved greatly, the transient performance is excellent and the sound is powerful and accurate, even the high-end headset can accomplish any task with ease.

USB Type-C interface

The unique symmetrical design on both sides supports plugging in either forward and reverse directions, to ensure a service life up to 10,000 times, which is double the previous amount. The USB Type-C data cable is also re-designed with better materials and crafted with copper products to actually improve the daily plugging in experience.

Dual cards dual standby dual 4G 

The PRO 5 has a faster 4G network downloading speed, and supports the LTE Cat.6 standard, with downlink peak speeds up to 300Mbps in the TDD LTE 4G frequency band. The superb dual Nano-SIM card design is inherited from and exactly the same as the MX5. In addition, the PRO 5 also uses the latest VoLTE technology to make switching between voice and data networks smoother. ET technology is supported, which can greatly reduce power consumption.

Battery life

The battery with a typical capacity value of 3050mAh is built into the phone, and the Sony/ATL fast-charging cell is used. By using an advanced 14nm technology processor, a low-power 1080P AMOLED screen, low-voltage LPDDR4 memory as well as the customized Flyme system (deeply developed based on Android 5.0), the power consumption is significantly reduced to create a most magically efficient Meizu phone.

PRO Service

The new PRO Series will be supported by Meizu’s professional service team, synchronized on-line with PRO 5. When you have any questions about PRO, you can go to any of the service experience center in China. We are ready to provide theadvanced channel to put your problems to priority and offer free VIP service packages. Meizu Hotline service also gives you a high-level expert advisory services, 24×7 hours all year-round. We also provide on-site repair service in 20 cities to support replacement and repair of the phone.

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