Social Media Shakes

Social media is no longer just for the younger demographic but also for adult professionals and even the older generation. According to the Digital Statshot India 2015 report by We Are Social, there are 134 million active social media users in India, 26% more than last year. Companies and brands are expanding their online presence to actively engage and gain more customers by reaching out to this online community.


For instance, brands like Uber and Ola have been using social media platforms for online reputation management, acquiring new customers and creating advocacy. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter enable such brands to address consumer grievances directly and manage customer relations. At the same time, these brands are also utilising the online platform for customer acquisition by inducing free trials. They create interesting content to promote offers that appeal to existing as well as potential customers.

Increasingly, even top level management of companies are interacting with the social media community to understand what the stakeholders think and feel about the brand. Letv, one of the leading video-streaming companies in China, launched its India Facebook page recently and garnered more than 68,400 likes within a week. Tin Mok, Letv APAC CEO, impressed by the support of the Indian social media community, has announced that they would give away one of their ‪super products to a lucky supporter who comments on the CEO’s post. Additionally, if the post gets more than 100,000 shares, Letv will give away a ticket to their global launch event in Beijing, including air travel and hotel accommodation. Letv has maintained a high level of engagement with their fans by prompt replies to their comments and posting new teaser content regularly.

Users may be looking at giving individual feedback to their preferred brands on social media, while companies are looking at it for engaging and increasing customer base. Social Media has become a mainstay for any marketing campaign. It does not merely entertain or help keep in touch with friends, but also contributes immensely to brand building and to foster public opinion.

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