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Smartphones are no longer just phones or mobile computing devices. They have become an extension of ourselves, a limb that we can’t live without. Smartphones are extensions of the body and the brain, thus smartphones fall in the category called Personal Technology. The reason I’m stressing on ‘Personal Technology’ is because recently, I received the LG Nexus 5X for review. But this time it was not what we usually do – an unbiased review of the device, instead it was about how the LG Nexus 5X becomes a part of my personal life while I tested it for a few days.

Being an avid photographer, I decided to go around Delhi as the #ChampInCity and capture the nuances of Delhi through the LG Nexus 5X. And as I anticipated, it turned out to be the best way to test and review a device. From the day, when I received the device till the very last day every mention of the device on my social platforms. It was loved and shared by folks who are connected to me on these platforms.

The champ is back in a sweeter avatar with Android #Marshmallow. LG Nexus5x #ChampInCity

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Being a tech journalist, I’m always excited to test new technology, new devices and no matter how many smartphones come my way in a week, month or an year. I get as excited as a kid with a new Lego set when I receive a new device. But with different devices the level of excitement also differs. So when the LG Nexus 5X was announced globally, I started dreaming about it already 😀 And the reason for that was my love for it’s sibling the LG Nexus 5, easily the best Nexus device ever (well at least till the Nexus 5X came out). It was the Nexus 5 that made Nexus series a household name and people understood the power of pure Android experience. Carrying on the legacy, the Nexus 5x is Android in all of its glory!

With each new Nexus device you not only get the pure Android experience but also a taste of its latest version. Hence, the Nexus 5X came with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) pre-installed. But this time it was not only the latest OS or newer applications, the Nexus 5X also got a hardware enhancement with a Fingerprint scanner called Nexus Imprint. It is by far the best fingerprint scanner I’ve used in terms of accuracy, speed and placement.

But what’s that one thing in smartphones that we always want more? Yes, the battery life (Standby/Talk-time) of the device! And the LG Nexus 5X got you covered in that too thanks to its 2700 mAh battery efficiently managed  by Android Doze on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts it into a sleep state.

Read more about Android Doze here – How to Make the Most of Android Doze on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The reason I mentioned all these features is because they were instrumental in my journey as the #ChampInCity. Now to my journey of #ChampInCity through the pictures and videos I captured:

Taking my first shot with the Nexus 5x was something I hadn’t planned. But as the #ChampInCity, I couldn’t have just stepped out and clicked the first thing I saw. Hence, I wanted to it be something that would mark my journey and leave an impact. Something that’s both huge in character and also is a good luck charm for me. Luckily, I stay in Karol Bagh and in the very neigbourhood we have a huge stage of Lord Hanuman. I couldn’t have asked for a better first shot, so here is that picture and you be the judge:

Now that I had established myself as the #ChampInCity and commenced with God’s blessings, I was on a look out for the quirky side of Delhi. And with this shot, I think I got it right 🙂

From Karol Bagh, I went to CP passing through Janpath where I clicked the Candy Floss men. Now the thing about CP is that it’s a multicultural, multi-strata and the heart of Delhi. And with a huge Tricolour flag installed right in the center of Connaught Circus, it has become a pride for all of us. At least I click a photo, selfie or a video every time I pass it and that is very often. And with the Nexus 5X it was no different. Check out all the photo and videos I captured throughout my journey as the #ChampInCity –


After reaching CP and clicking pictures/videos of the Tricolour, I decided to roam around and capture something different and not the usual. Here are some of the pictures I clicked:  

This was clicked at a restaurant in CP where I stopped for a meal. I was very fascinated by the lights and I’m glad it came out so well –

After a few days, I decided to capture the graffiti’s or street art around the city. Here are some shots from that day –

Isn’t it wonderful to see such talent and art around the city? I was totally amazed by the creativity and wish to discover more work of these artists.

After capturing a lot of day shots, it was time to test out the low light camera capabilities of the device, here are some shots I took around Delhi –

Aren’t you impressed with the low light camera prowess of the LG Nexus 5X?

Well that’s not it, I clicked a lot of random shots around Delhi, here are a few of those –

And if you thought I’m done here, then I must inform you that I saved the best for the last. The heritage of Delhi – Dilli 6 (Chandni Chowk). Here a few shots I took there and some behind the scenes 😉

Behind the scenes #ChampIsBack Behind the scenes #ChampIsBack Behind the scenes #ChampIsBack

Behind the scenes #ChampIsBack Behind the scenes #ChampIsBack Behind the scenes #ChampIsBack

LG Nexus 5X ChampInCity Blogadda

Well, I can go on and on talking about the LG Nexus 5X and #ChampInCity but I want you to all to watch the video of my journey (coming out soon) and share your love. And with that note, I’d like to bid all of you a goodbye until next time. Thank you once again for all your love, support and inspiration.

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