John Porter – Owner of Tesco, makes a Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Shoogloo Group

John Porter, a technology & medical businesses veteran and the Founding Chairman of i-spire PLC, an internet operating company (best known as the grandson of Sir Jack Cohen, founder of Tesco), has invested in Digital Marketing Group – Shoogloo to acquire 50% stake. The deal involves a multi-million dollars’ commitment in the project. The investment would be utilised to equally sustain the functioning of various verticals of Shoogloo Group including Shoogloo Mobile, Shoogloo Digital and Shoogloo Media.

John Robert Porter is an English billionaire businessman and philanthropist

i-Spire PLC was founded by John Porter in 2000 as an Internet operating company. LD Sharma is a veteran in the performance digital industry in India having set up various international affiliate networks in India including dgm and Optimise Media (formerly OMG India).

Commenting on the investment, Mr. John Porter, Group Chairman, Shoogloo said, “It gives us immense pleasure to be associated with one of the very few and best digital marketing companies delivering pure performance. What convinced me was the conviction and the past experience of LD Sharma towards building and sustaining successful digital businesses in the country and across the world. I believe that it is inevitable to see Shoogloo surpassing all industry standards and set records in delivering nothing but pure performance and redefining the success altogether with a focus on Mobile.”

Mr. LD Sharma, Group Vice Chairman, Shoogloo, “It is always encouraging to be able to connect with people who believe equally in delivering just the best and can simultaneously support you with their industry experience. We are extremely elated to have partnered with Mr. John Porter and look at taking the digital marketing industry to next level with entire team’s focused approach.”


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