Advent, today launched its latest headphone EchoPhonz AD-HP Boom.

According to the company, these headphone delivers a crisp sound quality with enhanced bass effect, resulting in a rich music experience. The ergonomic design ensures a natural fit around the head and can be adjusted as per ones’ comfort. Featuring soft ear muffs, the Echo Phonz AD-HP ensures comfortable usage for longer hours.  Being foldable, the headphone is easy to carry around. Indeed a great treat for music aficionados!


Keeping in line with this ethos, the company has introduced the new headphones – EchoPhonz AD-HP that blends great sound quality and ergonomic design with an affordable price tag.

Priced at Rs. 599 (MSP), the product comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12 months  and will be available at all leading retail outlets of all formats.  It is also available on all leading e-commerce sites.

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