Today, Om  Books International and Teddy Boy launched Authors Kiren Rai and Madhvi Ahuja’s debut book ‘Cupidity, Ping Me Love!’ in Delhi. The launch saw Skin Specialist and Wellness expert Mr.Varun Katyal and Hair Stylist Ms. Sylvie Rodgers and the Authors in conversation with Dipa Chaudhuri, Chief Editor. The duo spoke at length about the paradigm shift in love and relationships of the 20th Century and the gripping world of online dating and chat rooms. Delhi’s power personalities like Bubbles Sabharwal, Lushin Dubey, Model Lakshmi Rana, Shweta Bachchan, Gauri and Nainika, Princess Pea (Artist), Monish Gujral were seen attending the launch. The book was unveiled in the presence of Dr. Jyostana Suri, Ajay Mago,  Sanjay Mago and Mr. Om Prakash Mago.

Set in New Delhi, Cupidity- PING me, love is a fast paced fiction novel,about three women looking for love in the online dating space, with an interesting twist to the tale..  The story is about close friends Tara, a much-married woman, Naina, recently divorced, and Nihal, a transgender looking to breathe free in a hostile society. They are successful urban professionals living the good life, or so it seems―for each one craves an understanding companion. The three friends discover the exciting world of online dating, and set out in search of an ideal emotional anchor.  As they get drawn deeper into the vortex of online chatting, virtual reality threatens to overshadow their ordinary, mundane existence, and the idea of exploring new boundaries takes shape.

Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International ‘The idea behind publishing Cupidity was to understand why online dating, and the culture of chat rooms appears to be an integral part of the 21st century’.

Cupidity,Ping Me Love!

Madhvi Ahuja’s ‘Cupidity Ping Me Love is a piece of fiction that revolves around modern day women in the online dating arena. On the surface it’s a light hearted fiction, but on another level it is about conflicting relationships, alter egos, choice explorations, and people at cross roads in different stages of their lives.Marriages are not always made in heaven, interesting rendition of characters and shades of love .This is no Prince charming and Cinderella kind of a story.  It’s real, gripping and a so typical story of women in the urbane space. The online chats and the escapades with the online suitors are hilarious and quite a revelation to the world of online dating.’

Kiren Rai ‘A contemporary novel, the book navigates the world of online dating in search of Mr. Right. This is no regular Prince charming and Cinderella kind of a story.  The clatter of laptop clicks, emails and Pings ——It’s real, gripping and typical of modern day relationships. The dating game is not the one our mothers knew it to be. “The rules of the game have changed ,Cupidity Ping Me Love is about the online revolution, hitting urban India by storm.It  is a story  about modern day relationships , about what women want in the 21 st century and about self exploration’

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