Youtube Ads are annoying, ads, in fact, are generally annoying. Everyone knows it, ask any publisher out there and they will tell you too that ads are annoying and they probably use a skipper or a blocker too. But the reality is that the publishing industry is very dependent upon these ads to earn their daily bread and butter. They are the necessary evils that are keeping a lot of publishing house afloat and have over the period of time just become a lot more contextual.
However, on Youtube, ads have always been distinct and while we have had the likes of skippable (true view) or non-skippable instream ads alongside all the other display ads on video or on the connect suggestion bar, looks like it is not enough. Google has decided to add a new six-second ad format specifically for mobile, that it is calling Bumper Ads. These Bumper ads will be non-skippable and will be used mainly on smartphones before you can watch a video on Youtube. Bumper ads, according to Google will be engaging and creative and an extensive testing has gone into it.

Google has figured out that people on smartphones have a very short attention span and either end up skipping the true view ads or just simply exit the application because they cannot afford to waste their cellular connectivity over something that is of little value to them. This would lead to higher dropoffs from the app plus lowered revenues. One could argue, it is this chain of thought that has propelled the launch of these Bumper Ads which the advertisers can buy from their AdWords account based on impressions. You will need to get in touch with your Google Sales rep to get these enabled for now before Google releases them full time.