Lenovo Tech World 2016

As you all are aware, that I’ve been invited by Lenovo to be a part of the #LenovoTechWorld 2016 here in San Francisco, California, USA. I’m super excited to have witnessed the products that are launching tomorrow morning at the 2nd Annual tech event of Lenovo.

A month back Lenovo teased everyone by releasing a video dripping in nostalgia. It showed a high school hallway from 2005 and everyone using the most stylish flip phone to be ever produced, the Motorola RAZR V3. Have a look at the advert below –


In the end teaser had TTYL – Talk To You Later followed by 6.9.16 the date for Lenovo Tech World. But again don’t get your hopes high as the most selling Moto RAZR isn’t making a comeback tomorrow. Instead be ready to see some great innovations in terms of what more a smartphone can do.

There is not only great news from the Moto stable but also a lot of new devices coming from the Lenovo smartphone business. I consider myself really lucky to have experienced the upcoming devices that will be unveiled tomorrow morning. All I can say is that both Lenovo and Moto handheld devices that are launching tomorrow will blow your mind away in terms of what they offer.

Moto Razr 2016 Lenovo Tech World 2016

I would also recommend you to check out this sneak peak as to why Lenovo Tech World 2016 is Bigger, Better, Bolder.

Moto (then Motorola) changed the mobile landscape a decade back with RAZR V3 and V3i. And, it is bound to happen again as per my understanding of what I’ve seen in the past few days. Shhhh! I can’t share more under NDA 😉

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