Most of the smartphone makers rely on Corning’s Gorilla Glass to add a layer of protection for the display. Now, the use of Gorilla Glass is not only limited to flagship devices, but most of the budget devices too have it. In 2014, Corning announced its fourth iteration of Gorilla Glass and today after 2 years of research they have announced Gorilla Glass 5.

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Corning Gorilla Glass 5 comes with a new glass solution that raises the bar for protection against drops higher than ever, it can now survive drops from 1.6 meter (shoulder-height drops) onto hard rough surfaces like asphalt. That’s up to 4X better in drop failure height than competitive glasses, giving consumers the drop protection they need if they fumble their phones while snapping photos, texting on the go, watching videos, or performing other everyday activities at or below shoulder level.

Gorilla Glass 5 is so much tougher, it still provides the damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity Gorilla Glass is famous for—ensuring that OEMs that use Gorilla® Glass 5 on their mobile devices cover consumers with the ultimate combination of protection and performance for high-resolution touch-enabled devices.

Coming to the scratch resistance, we can expect similar kind of resistance found on Gorilla Glass 4. Corning has confirmed that the Gorilla Glass 5 is now in production. Hence, we can expect smartphones coming out with latest Gorilla Glass protection later this year.  That means we won’t probably see Samsung Note 7 with this protection. May be the 2 new nexus smartphones codenamed Marlin and Salifish coming out later this year will be equipped with Gorilla Glass 5.

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