save your gadgets from water

Monsoon may make our city appear scenic but the rains do cause a havoc in our lives. Be it our own health or our belongings, nothing is safe during monsoon. But don’t worry, super nice folks at Lenovo have compiled a list that will help us keep our gadgets safe during monsoon. Though, I’ve successfully kept all my gadgets safe by following these tips but I am under the weather myself 🙁


Here are some tips and tricks to help you take care of your valuable devices.


  • Ensure laptops are carried in waterproof bags and cover so that they are safe from moisture during rains.
  • Keep Silica Gel pouches in the bags will help in absorbing moisture.
  • If the laptop is drenched in rain, disconnect the battery and unplug all peripherals and allow it to dry naturally before powering it up.
  • Ensure that all the ports are free from external connection when there are lighting and thunderstorms
  • If you bring your laptop from the outer moister conditions- Allow it to warm up to room temperature before booting


  • Connecting the laptop to the PowerPoint when the power is fluctuating
  • Using laptops outside when it is raining
  • Working on desks which are next to open doors/windows during rainy days
  • Charging or connecting the laptop to electric points when you just come back from the rains
  • Storing the computer in an environment which is humid, dusty and smoky

Save your gadgets from the monsoon

Lastly, I hope YY and his team at Lenovo can give me some tips to take care of myself 🙂

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