5 must-have accessories for every car lover

In the world we live in nowadays, we spend most of our time commuting from one place to another. For most of us, just our commute from home to office and vice-versa can take a good 3-4 hours each day. And that’s the reason our cars have become our pseudo-homes/workplace. We listen to music, watch videos, eat, sleep and sometimes do mini-workouts in the car itself. Similarly, we are sending emails, taking conference calls and fiddling with excel sheets during traffic jams or red lights.

Hence, our cars are literally mobile SOHO ‘Small Office/ Home Office’. Now that we are on the same page and you can relate to this, let us help you with the 5 must-have accessories for the car lover you –

  • Car Perfume

With our cars turning to SOHOs, it has become very important to maintain a nice ambience inside itself. A car fragrance can go a long way in maintaining a consistent level of freshness making way for an ambience you would love as much as your home.


Though there are a lot of car perfume options available fresh fragrance and good looks are a rare combination. But luckily, there is one that smells great and looks even better on your car’s dashboard. It’s the Godrej Aer which comes in the Aer Click Gel and Twist Gel versions. The click gel can be hooked the car’s AC vents and the Twist Gel can be placed on the dashboard. Both the versions come with:

  • A smart gel technology
  • Spill-proof bottles
  • Longevity of the bottle – lasting up to two months

Whether you need to kick yourself up every morning or return home in a good mood, we would definitely recommend Godrej Aer Click & Twist Gels to keep your car fresh and maintain a perfect atmosphere. #aerTime


  • USB car charger

More than 90% of the smart devices we use run via USB power. Henceforth, a USB car charger is one of the most important accessories for any car. It powers your smartphone, tablets, Dash Cam, Portable Navigation Devices etc.

Dash Car Charger by OnePlus

Please avoid low quality and unbranded USB car chargers as these may cause your device to malfunction. We would recommend a product that supports QUALCOMM fast charge 3.0 or a similar fast charging technology, such as –

  • Dash Car Charger by OnePlus
  • Mivi Qualcomm 3.0 Car Charger
  • Blaupunkt 3-in-1 Car Charger
  • Car Chiller

An innovation that combines state-of-the-art equipment and consumer’s needs, Car Chillers are advanced versions of your standard ice coolers. Made for travelling, the plug-in coolers for cars fit into the vehicles to keep perishables from spoiling during a road trip.

  • Tyre Inflator

Driving on incorrectly inflated tyres can actually cause your car a lot of damage. Tracking and other factors are involved but mainly it’s down to how inflated your tyres are. If they’re under-inflated, they can easily slide on the road and they can also wear in the wrong places meaning that when your tyres are inflated to the wrong degree, you have uneven tyre grip.

One of the great things about the latest tyre inflators is that they do most of the work for you-you simply plug them in, they fill the tyre and then stop and that’s it.

Overall, keeping a tyre inflator in the car with you is a great way to ensure that you always have the correct tyre pressures. Driving your car with the correct tyre inflation can mean that you save a lot of money on fuel and that your car does more miles to the litre.

  • Dash Cam

A dash cam, or dashboard-mounted camera, is a camera designed to record everything that happens when you drive. As soon as the driver starts the car, the camera starts recording video on a continuous loop. Depending on the price you pay, some recorded sound, some can record in night vision, and some even have built-in GPS so you know where something was recorded.

best-dashcams-to buy

So, that was our list of must-have car accessories for every car lover. You can find the above-mentioned accessories online so you won’t have to spend all of your money supplementing your car accessories. If you have any other suggestions then please leave a comment below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog

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