Videocon-HD-Smart-connect ‘d2h Stream Box’

We live in a world where everything is smart! No, we are not referring to smartphones, they have been around for a decade now. We are talking about – smart lights, smart cars, smart collars for your pet, smart fridge and a plethora of smart connected devices. Just like smartphones, the Smart TV’s were also made available to consumers a few years ago. But would you upgrade your TV just to add smart functionality to it? Or do you even use the so-called ‘Smart’ part of your Smart TV? We think, most of us don’t own a Smart TV and the one’s who own a Smart TV don’t even bother to access the smart panel of it. And there are many reasons for that –

  • Most of the households stick to d2h set top box for their entertainment needs
  • Users access OTT like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc on their smartphones or tablets
  • The UI/UX of Smart TV’s is not easy as changing channels so only technology friendly people dare to use it
  • Changing the source from Setup box to SmartTV and coming back to is also very cumbersome to many

So, what is the solution to this problem? Is it buying a Chromecast or Amazon FireTV Stick? No, that is similar to getting in the ‘Smart’ mode of the TV. There has to be a solution where you can keep watching your regular TV through the d2h and also access the smart apps like news, weather, social media and OTT apps.

We have finally found the solution and we were introduced to it last year by Videocon while it was still in testing phase. It’s called the Videocon d2h Stream Box and it has constantly improved with OTA updates since we started testing it last year.

For the geek in you, here are the specifications of the d2h Stream Box –


  • High Definition STB
  • Full HD support
  • Standard stereo
  • Box does support a Dolby Digital but as Licence is required so box doesn’t decode
  • If the end device i.e. TV supports the Dolby Digital then TV can decode and play

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Proprietary App store. Apps are managed and controlled by Videocon d2h Limited. The apps are curated as wall garden service, apps are not stored in the memory and directly accessed from the d2h server. Each and every app is tested and approved before hosting it on d2h server which is more secure and robust platform.

Videocon-HD-Smart-connect ‘d2h Stream Box’


Cisco EVO-12 EPG

Videocon-HD-Smart-connect ‘d2h Stream Box’ smart controller media sharing


  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet, min 2 Mbps
  • SPDIF cable
  • Coaxial support

Remote Controller

  • Remote with short cut OTT keys on Remote will be available soon. Remote’s design is robust to withstand all usage and environmental conditions
  • The user can also use the mobile as a Smart Remote, with Voice command and control features
  • RF4CE (Radio Frequency) remote is provided with Box
  • Omni-directional use. No need to point in the direction of STB
  • Wi-Fi Smart Remote

Videocon-HD-Smart-connect ‘d2h Stream Box’ smart controller


As we mentioned earlier, Videocon is constantly improving the UI/UX and features of the devices through OTA updates. We are also happy to see new apps being added constantly on the platform. The fact that it has a controlled app store is a great thing for people who live with parents or have kids as the Android Play store is full of skunk.

We also have a TV with Dolby Audio so the output was in Dolby surround sound. The fact that users can also cast their devices through it makes it a good Chromecast alternative. To record and playback Live TV users can attach a USB drive in the provided USB port to also use it as DVR.


  • Hungama Play
  • NDTV
  • Zomato
  • Zimmber
  • Magzter
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

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The Unbiased Verdict

In the end, all we can say is that Videocon d2h Stream Box is a blessing in disguise for both Smart TV owners and the ones without it. As we were already Videocon d2h subscribers it took only 5 mins for the engineer to replace the existing box with the d2h Stream Box. For new subscribers, it will be still under 60 mins to get the installation done for the dish and the box. What can be improved is the fact the 4K output and the app portfolio.

For a new box, you will have to spend INR 3490 and for an upgrade/exchange INR 2490.

So, that was our review of the Videocon d2h Stream Box, the all-in-one box for all your entertainment needs. Please share your feedback and queries in the comments section below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog

By Nikhil Chawla

Social Media Evangelist | Gadget Guru | Model | Photographer | Ex- BlackBerry Boy - Now iOS | WP8 | Droid. Founder and Chief at ‘The Unbiased Blog’. I breathe in WiFi zone, prefer LTE over LIT. Ex MSFT, MCP, A+ and coder. I like news to be served to me on twitter.

7 thought on “Videocon d2h Stream Box – The Unbiased Review”
  1. Netflix doesn’t work in this. You mentioned that it works. Did you even try before saying that? Come on man. I read your article and bought it. Now I regret.

    1. Dear Mr Reddy, thanks for taking out time to read the review and making a purchase decision. May I please ask you to point out where in this review did we mention that Netflix works on this box? There is not even a single mention of Netflix in the apps section or the screenshots of the apps. There is no Netflix that’s is why we didn’t give it more than 8/10. If there was any doubt or confusion you could have reached out to us here or on our social media platforms. Also this review is from 3 years ago so it’s always better to check the latest firmware or information before making a purchase.

  2. With due respect to your review. I too thought that this device accesses Netflix. The device is shown as a solution to access OTT content.
    Why do you even state Netflix is accessed through Smart phone or tabs in the problem statement. This gives a wrong notion to the reader that this device solves the problem.

  3. Lost picture and audio quality after replacing the old STB with D2H Stream. If you have a good picture and sound quality think twice while replacing

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