VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is one of the most used terms in recent days, especially in India thanks to Jio. Jio was the only network provider to provide VoLTE service to all Indian users and the Airtel recently announced introduced the service in the country in select cities. Now Vodafone, one of India’s largest telecommunication services provider is all set to introduce VoLTE support across India.

Starting from  January 2018 the first phase, Vodafone VoLTE service will be available in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, and Kolkata and will be extended across the country soon. Vodafone’s VoLTE services will allow Vodafone SuperNet 4G customers to experience HD quality crystal clear voice with super call connect time. Vodafone 4G customers will experience VoLTE at no additional charges. All they need is a handset supporting Vodafone VoLTE and a 4G SIM.Vodafone has built a robust and resilient Data Strong Network of ~140,000 sites that enable better call quality and mobile internet experience to its customers. This will be a key differentiator for Vodafone in providing seamless connectivity and experience to its customers, said the company.

  • What is VoLTE and why does it matter?

VoLTE abbreviated as Voice over Long Term Evolution is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data connection. With VoLTE, voice calls are made over 4G data in crystal clear HD Quality. In VoLTE there is no call drops or other quality issues. In fact, VoLTE connects faster than normal calls. If you have a VoLTE supported smartphone you can make a VoLTE call only if the person at the other end has a VoLTE enabled smartphone and connectivity.

Announcing Vodafone VoLTE service, Sunil Sood, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone India,said, “Vodafone is getting Future Ready with the advent of newer technologies and digital services. The introduction of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will enhance customer experience with HD quality calling and offer our customers newer possibilities. Vodafone VoLTE is an important step towards introducing futuristic technology enhancing our Data Strong Network.”

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