Uber has announced Uber ‘Movement’ with an aim to help civic authorities, traffic police, researchers, think tanks and policymakers discover ways to apply data to make better infrastructure, urban mobility planning, and traffic management decisions. Uber Movement is a free tool which uses Uber’s anonymized data from millions of trips to help urban planners redefine the urban mobility landscape in their cities. As a public tool focused on delivering insights and solutions that are openly accessible to a wider audience, the launch of MOVEMENT across the 4 cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. This is the first ever comprehensive data sharing exercise of traffic patterns of its scale in India.Uber 'Movement' with an aim to reduce traffic launched across 4 Indian citiesEveryday millions of Indians use Uber to get around their cities whether it is to get to their nearest railway or metro station, return home from work or for point to point connectivity. By developing comprehensive data maps and grids for each of the 4 Indian cities and cross-tabulating the insights from millions of Uber trips, some fascinating data about how cities move at different times of the day, week and year have been aggregated. By allowing civic authorities, local governments, transportation researchers, technology and urban infrastructure think tanks, academia etc to mine the data, Uber hopes to jointly make a positive impact on data-driven decision making, congestion reduction, transportation policy and future urban infra investments.

Uber Movement helps in shaping future of mobility in cities by:

  • Helping city officials measure the impact of road improvements, major events, and transit lines
  • As a tool for planners and policymakers to analyze transportation patterns, and make smart investments on future infrastructure projects
  • By helping commuters discover patterns and analyze the impact of events, rush hours, and road closures in cities and help optimize travel time

Commenting on the launch Prabhjeet Singh, Regional General Manager, Uber India & South Asiasaid “We are delighted to bring Uber Movement to India, an exciting new tool that has open data architecture and collaborative spirit at its heart. This will encourage data-driven policy-making to solve for some of the biggest challenges faced by our cities. We are confident that by collaboratively leveraging the power of open data, governments, industry and academia can together create a real alternative to a world that moves like a jam and looks like a parking lot and help redefine the future of urban mobility.

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  2. Half of the traffic problems could be solved if we the citizens become responsible.

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