Sharp FP-GM50E-B Air Purifier with Mosquito catcher launched for INR 30,000

Sharp has launched the world’s first air purifier with mosquito catcher. The model FP-GM50E-B is a powerful device, which covers a large purifying area of 450 sq ft. It has higher dimensions, uses advanced and strong replaceable filters, offers increased medium, maximum airflow speeds of 186 m3/hr and 306 m3/hr respectively, to ensure an effective and efficient air purification solution even for large rooms.

Most of us use the chemical-laden mosquito repellents blissfully ignorant about the damages being caused by them. Reduction in mosquitoes in your home can now be done in a chemical free and Natural process. Also, if you are someone who is troubled with respiratory symptoms and the occurrences have increased in the last few years, Sharp’s new combination of Air Purifier and Mosquito Catcher can ensure holistic health for your loved ones.Sharp FP-GM50E-B Air Purifier with Mosquito catcher launched for INR 30,000 With the awarded and certified Plasmacluster Technology as its core purification method, it also houses the Passive HEPA & Active Filtration for complete purification. All air purifiers sold in India come with a HEPA Filter, hence it is quite confusing for consumers to choose the right one, Sharp has obtained the seal of approval from BRITISH ALLERGY FOUNDATION that confirms the quality and superiority of the HEPA Filter and ensures that the occurrences of allergy and medication may be reduced.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Shuvendu Mazumdar, National Manager- SHARP Air Purifier Business said: “At Sharp, we are continuously working to outdo ourselves, to provide more reliable and satisfying solutions to our customers. This is a robust and multipurpose Sharp’s Air Purifier with chemical-free mosquito catching mechanism suited for larger areas. With the arrival of the monsoons, this air purifier has become a must-have.”

The Sharp FP-GM40E-B is ]priced at INR 30,000 and is available at retail outlets across India. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter for more news and updates.

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