Uber Lite

Uber has today announced a lite version of its ride-sharing app. The Uber lite is just 5MB compared to 40MB Uber Android App. Uber lite is built in India, designed for the world. Uber Lite is a simple version of the rider app that saves space, works on any network, and on any Android phone.

Uber Lite is less than 5MB to download. A smaller app frees up space for actual selfies and other apps. And, with a 300-millisecond response time, the booking process is fast even in low connectivity. Uber Lite keeps the core functionality of our rider app and has many of its existing features like in-app support and the ability to share your trip with friends and family. It is designed to make booking rides easier and quicker in spotty connectivity and slower than average internet speeds, on basic Android phones, and for people with limited data plans through the following new features:

  • Guided pickups: Uber Lite guides users through the request experience by detecting their current location, so minimal typing is required. If it can’t detect your location because of GPS or network issues, it will surface popular pickup points nearby from you to choose from.

Uber Lite

  • Tap over type: Uber Lite makes picking your destination as easy as a tap of a button. The app caches the city’s top places so that even when you are offline, no network is needed for them to surface. And the more you use Uber Lite, the smarter the app gets, learning where you go most often and surfacing those options for you to tap first, so you don’t have to type your destination every time.
  • Maps only when you want them: To keep the app light and fast, maps in Uber Lite are optional, but available with just a tap if you want them. And coming soon, a progress bar helps users follow the driver’s progress should you opt to not load the map.

If you’re interested in trying out the new Uber lite, you can register here. Follow us on Twitter for more news and updates.

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  1. thats very good step by uber,but its sad that many people still using 2G (yes its coz they cant afford 4g phones) but its good news for them 🙂


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