LG X-Boom RK3 Review

LG X-Boom RK3 aka LG Party Audio RK3 is the boombox we needed in 2018. We tested the LG X-Boom RK3 for over a month and couldn’t find a more versatile portable speaker under 20K.

LG X-Boom RK3 Review

This thing –

  • is Grab & Go – Thanks to its Grab and Go telescopic handle and wheels, it’s a head turner even when you are not playing music on it. It’s so convenient that when I took it to my poolside, even for a minute it didn’t feel that I’m moving an 11Kg speaker over a 500-meter distance. And there was hardly anyone who didn’t have a WOW reaction or didn’t inquire about it.
  • has Built-in Battery – Grab and Go is one thing but having a built-in battery makes it the best portable speaker ever. You don’t have to worry about wires or plugs when you are near the poolside or on the rooftop. This thing has a massive 13 hours of playback time.
  • is Splash Proof – And it keeps getting better! It’s not only Grab & Go with a Built-in Battery but also is IPX4 Splash Proof. So be it a splash of the pool water, sudden rain or a drink it can handle it all.
  • has Vocal Effect – As we didn’t have the mic with us to test we can’t really comment on this feature but I’m sure singing with Helium Effect On would be so much fun 😀LG Party Audio RK3 Vocal-Effect
  • has Karaoke Star – Almost any track can become a Karaoke track by simply removing the vocals at the push of a button. Change the song’s key to match your own. Imagine a Karaoke evening with your friends and family. Bliss!
  • has FM Radio – If Aux, Bluetooth, USB isn’t enough then you also get FM Radio so that you don’t miss out on your favourite radio shows.

Connectivity LG X Boom RK3

Specs for all the geeks and audiophiles out there –

  • Product Size( W x H x D) mm

    370 x 480.5 x 310

  • Power Consumption


  • Battery Capacity


  • Battery Charging time

    11 hrs

  • Front Speaker Tweeter Unit


  • Front Woofer Unit


  • Impedance Tweeter Unit


  • Impedance Woofer Unit


Now that you guys have read the specs, let’s talk about the design and performance.In terms of design, the LG X-Boom RK3 is very similar to all the X-Boom range that LG has launched over the years. It’s a good thing to see that the LG X-Boom range is available in different price segments. It starts at INR 15,990 for the X-Boom Handy and goes up to INR 49,990 for the LG X-Boom OK99.The top panel of the RK3 speaker is divided into two segments with buttons alongside the body. On both the sides, you get rotatable knobs for adjusting the microphone volume on the left side and the speaker volume on the right side. Either side has buttons for power on/off, vocal effects and echo/demo, key changer buttons, and a voice canceller button for karaoke, a function button to change the input modes, buttons to change the tracks, a reset/repeat button and a sound effect/bass blast button.

Next to all the switches is the handle to pull out the telescopic rod. Close to the handle are the Mic In, USB and AUX-In ports.

LG X-Boom RK3 Review

The front has the 6.5’’ woofer unit under the metallic grille.

LG X-Boom RK3 Review

The rear of the speaker unit has the 12 V/7.0 Ah rechargeable non-removable battery. The battery-charging indicator, power on/off switches and the AC socket for charging are under a rubberized cover. The pull out FM antenna is also concealed near the handlebar.

LG X-Boom RK3 Review

We had mentioned the dimension and weight in the specs but if you missed it. Its dimensions are 370 x 480.5 x 310 (W x H x D) mm and its gross weight is 12.3 kg. Though mostly plastic the build quality is really sturdy. RK3 is cleverly designed for on the go usage so it also has grip areas on both sides to lift it up and move with bare hands.

LG X-Boom RK3 Review

Now, let’s talk about the performance we share our verdict.

You would have already guessed that charging the massive battery would take really long. But, the good thing is you can charge it while you are using it so no need to keep it shut while it charges. The charging time is around 12 hours and the playback time after full charge is around the same time. If you charge it without switching it on, then it charges in 8-9 hours. Similarly, the usage times also depends on what all features you are using like Karaoke etc.

LG X-Boom RK3 Review

In terms, of sound quality, this will not shake your room like the more expensive version of X-boom do but it’s fulfilling enough that you might get a warning from your neighbours if you play it on high volume. As you can play music via different connections like Aux input, Bluetooth, USB and FM. The sound quality will differ based on the source bit-rate.

Users can also equalise any track by simply clicking any of the buttons – Pop, Classic, Standard, Rock, Jazz, Bass (Bass Blast) and Bass+ (Bass Blast+).

The Unbiased Verdict

LG X-Boom RK3 is for those who like it loud! It’s a party speaker which also happens to be portable making it a really lucrative deal. The best part is that the X-Boom RK3 sound good even indoors as opposed to other outdoor party speakers we have tested in the past. Additionally, you get to play with the Karaoke and Vocal effects when indoors.
LG X-Boom RK3 Review
What can be improved is the addition of lights to add to the party feels. Also, the box contents should have a microphone and aux cable included.
With India’s Independence Day just a week away it’s your chance to become the DJ for the day. Here is the link to buy – https://amzn.to/2OCnM2K
Lastly, do let us know this powerhouse that can even work without power 😉 Leave your comments below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog
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