Sony HT-S700RF & HT-S500RF 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre

Sony India has introduced a Home audio line-up with the launch of HT-S700RF & HT-S500RF 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre. These new Home Theaters from the company offer surround sound and unique design, they also come with an exclusive India sound setting offering powerful bass sound with clear vocal sound. Sony India aims to grow by more than 80% in FY18 for its popular 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre.

The new 5.1 channel surround systems provide a powerful audio experience by delivering a 1000W output power with high volume boxes using tweeters and rhombus-shaped high aperture ratio grill. Special tweeters are present in both HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF to reproduce high-frequency sounds and give perfect audio experience to the listeners. HT-S700RF has two front and two rear tweeters, whereas HT-S500RF comes loaded with two front tweeters. These tweeters also help in improving overall sound staging of the system, you can get clear bass sound from the Soundbar systems. The 1000W output power helps to have an immerse movie experience.Sony HT-S700RF & HT-S500RF 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre Users can experience hi-power surround sound without disturbing the TV screen set-up, an element available in both tall boy and Soundbar Home Theatre system. It comes with a dedicated centre speaker that enhances clear dialogue. The Home Theatres are designed with premium and high-quality components, offering a stylish design that helps upgrade ones living space. The rhombus pattern metal grille on all front and rear speakers make it look premium.

The Bar Style Home Theatre systems complement the look of today’s thin flat screens while projecting a deep, rich, enveloping sound. The slim design of the systems will not obscure the view, and one can always see the full picture without disruption. HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF have HDMI which makes setting up the systems super easy and clean. On the connectivity front, they come with HDMI and Optical cables. One can also stream music wirelessly from their smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and they also offer USB playback.Sony HT-S700RF & HT-S500RF 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre For a better experience, users can browse music from faraway place easily through the Music Center App without even looking at the monitor. One can easily browse all the music content present in their USB pen drives using Music Center App in HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF.

Pricing and Availability

The HT-S700RF is priced at INR 37,990 and the HT-S500RF is priced at INR 29,990. Both of them are available starting from 10th August 2018 at all Sony Center, major electronic stores across India and on e-portals, Amazon and Flipkart.

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  1. Sony is always best in the term of quality. The awesome base and surround theatre sound makes it unique. Great review.

  2. Sony highlights the product HT-S700rf stating “Real 5.1 Channel” home theatre, however it’s a sales gimmick. Logically a home theatre can never give you real 5.1 experience unless there is a clear seperation of front left and right surround speakers and the centre speaker. Manual sound customization options are limited and preset sound options are useless and hardly make any noticable difference. There is no mode of controlling treble output from the tweeters and high frequency soynds are barely audible at normal listening levels. Clearly to save costs Sony has integrated the front surround speakers and centre speaker into a single unit. Hence you cannot distinguish the unique sound effects of the front surround system when watching 5.1 channel movies. This is the first major design flaw of this system. The second big design flaw is people often tend to place the sub-woofer in a place less visible and far from line of vision or away from the television, here however due to the wiring design as well as the display unit which is placed in the sub buyers will be forced to place the subwoofer close to television to enable see the display during use of remote functions. It would have been far more convenient for users to have the display on the central speaker unit or sound bar and I pity Sony designers for lack of basic intellect while designing this home theatre. At almost INR 38,000.00 it’s quite expensive for the cheap quality of tweeters and passive radiators which they have provided on this system. It’s a shame that at this price point Sony has failed to provide regular speakers to generate the mid level sounds. Without these speakers there is zero generation of mids which is essential to have good quality sound output in any home theatre system. Sony claims a very high level of crisp bass but during my over a week of use of this product the bass sounds below average and nothing exceptional. Sound clarity is pathetic even when playing Blu ray DVDS or watching high quality 5.1 videos on YouTube. I own a home theatres which is almost 10 years old with same 1000 watt output but overall sound quality till date is million times better compared to this product. Overall the product is definitely not worth the price and definitely not recommended at this price point, it is better to go for Sony BDV N9200w which is almost double the price at INR 68,000.00 if you can afford the price and sounds absolutely mind blowing with clearly defined 5.1 channel high quality fluidic speakers. Sony engineers definitely need to pull up their socks and go back to the design boards if they wish to keep up to buyers expectations and provide quality products which Sony is known for over the years…

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