Stellar Data Recovery announces new pricing and features in India

Stellar Data Recovery which is one of the world’s leading data recovery provider has announced Free Data Recovery support for the users adversely impacted by the latest Windows 10 (Version 1809) update. With the help of Stellar Windows Data Recovery software, the affected users can reclaim their lost and deleted data.

Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 October update had new features, but those were quickly overshadowed by a severe bug that deleted the contents of some user account folders containing music, documents, and photos and so Microsoft had to pull out the update. Stellar has been flooded with requests from such affected users to help recover their data and thereby help them get back to normal state. With an aim to identify the gap and eliminate the data loss frustrations, Stellar decided to offer ‘instant data recovery service’ free of cost, up to 1 GB of data.

Stellar has been playing a catalytic role in strengthening restoration at several forefronts;  ransomware attacks such as Petya and WannaCry and more recently, during the recent floods in Kerala, by helping the business units, customers with ‘Free Data Recovery Consultation Service’.The data recovery software comes with a Deep Scan utility to thoroughly scan files on each sector, and, based on unique file signatures, can restore virtually the full recoverable data. This upgraded software comes with a ‘Drive Monitor’ add-on utility to track hard drive or SSD vital parameters, thereby safeguarding against data loss due to disk errors or drive failure.

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‘’Many of affected users reached out to us with instantaneous data recovery requirements after they updated Windows 10 with the version 1809 October update. Some affected users lost their files while others lost access to their critical folders. To address this situation, the users can utilize Stellar Data Recovery software to restore their lost data. We are hopeful that this Do-It-Yourself, most intuitive software would be a welcome relief for all such impacted customers and we are offering the same for free.’’ Said Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.

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