If you happen to have an Amazon Echo device and a kid in your home who loves watching animated movies, there is some good news for you folks. Green Gold Animation has partnered with Gamitronics to bring Chhota Bheem on Amazon Echo devices. The Chhota Bheem Adventures skill for Alexa is a game which lets users immerse themselves in the world of Dholakpur. The experience is not just limited to original voices of Chhota Bheem and friends but also has enough sound effects and visuals to directly teleport the audience to Dholakpur.

This voice-based skill can be accessed on all Amazon Echo devices, with and without a screen, as well as any Alexa built-in device such as smart speakers from Harman Kardon and headphones by iBall. It can also be accessed on the free Alexa app for iOS and Android smartphones. Chhota Bheem Adventures now available on on Amazon Echo devices With a simple voice command “Alexa, Open Chhota Bheem Adventures” kids can set off on a mission to explore the caves which have recently been unearthed in Dholakpur with Chhota Bheem. The game shapes up and changes course as users keep making choices throughout the game by responding to prompts. There are no right or wrong choices and users are always encouraged to explore the various possibilities designed in the game. They keep meeting new people and familiar characters like Tuntun Mausi, Raja Indra Verma and others from Chhota Bheem Universe.

Chhota Bheem meets his arch enemy, Daku Mangal Singh, and you have to help Chhota Bheem to defeat Daku Mangal Singh. Raja Indra Verma gifts you a survival kit which has all the tools you need during your journey including Laddus. The game can be resumed from these checkpoints at any given point of time. Users have 100+ decisions to be made throughout the adventure. All of this is done as a pure audio game, thanks to Alexa’s voice recognition and natural language processing.

“Being a true believer of role-playing games, Alexa gave us an opportunity to bring the most engaging format of gaming to voice and of course there’s no better, stronger and loved character than Chhota Bheem. We used the Alexa Skills Kit and worked closely with both Green Gold Animation and Amazon to bring out the best possible experience”, said Mr. Rajat Ojha, CEO of Gamitronics.

“We believe in technology advancement and we are very confident on voice being an integral part of our digital life. When the opportunity knocked our door to bring Chhota Bheem to Echo devices, there was absolutely no doubt in our minds and we jumped into the opportunity to bring the characters to life on Alexa. We are very confident that Alexa will be a part of most of the kids experiences and media very soon if it’s not already”, said Mr. Rajiv Chilaka, CEO of Green Gold Animation.

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