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As they say, seeing is believing and that’s what I learnt the hard way. We in India, especially in Delhi are all worried about air pollution and are investing heavily in air purifiers, masks, air purifying plants and what not.  But most are just ignoring the fact that the drinking water quality in our country is hazardous for ages now. Isn’t that alarming and needs to be addressed with equal importance if not more?

To be honest, I have been having packaged mineral water at home, work or outside for almost 15 years now. It has been an expensive proposition but I couldn’t have risked my health. In the past, people have suggested me to install RO or other Water Purifying systems at home to save on the cost of getting mineral water bottles each day. But I wasn’t convinced with any of the products available in the market.

You might think I’m finicky but it all happened 15 years ago in 2003 when I was diagnosed with typhoid. I never got to know the source but since then I became extra careful about the water I drink. I didn’t mind spending extra on packaged mineral water or the hassle of going and getting the stock weekly. Yes, there were no online platforms or convenience stores like 24/7 where I could get water whenever I needed it.

But as technology improved in the last decade or so, I was out in the market again to search for a perfect solution for as basic as clean drinking water.

And Voila! After months of research and comparisons, I zeroed down on the LG PuriCare Water Purifier (Model – WW180EP). Check out my Instagram post where I deliberate on the importance of Water Purifiers:


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We all are worried about air pollution in India. People are buying masks, air purifiers, purifying plants and what not. But did you know that water pollution is an equally serious problem in India as almost 70 per cent of its surface water resources and a growing percentage of its groundwater reserves are contaminated by biological, toxic, organic, and inorganic pollutants. Hence, it’s very important to invest in a water purifier too. We invested in the LG water purifier with UV + RO + UF as it has 5 stage RO filtration process, 8L stainless steel tank, smart display and much more.

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For me, the game changer was the fact that this Water Purifier by LG had 5 Stage RO filtration process along with an 8L Stainless Steel tank for water preservation. So not only it purifies water instantly on demand but also has 8 litres of it stored for you at any given time. This might not be a great deal for people who have always on water but a huge majority still faces issues water supply issues on a daily basis.

LG-8-stage-process Water Purifier


The fact that installation is fairly simple and is done by a professional sent by LG India makes the deal sweeter.

But what’s most important for anyone is the purity and taste of water. Nothing is of greater importance, no features, looks or technology if the water is not pure and tastes good. And I can’t stress enough on the fact that I have never had better tasting water anywhere in India including packaged mineral water bottles. It’s just perfect and you have to try it once to believe it.

In some of the reviews and comparisons, I read people saying that it is priced higher than the competition etc. All I have to say is that there is so much to love about it that the price is insignificant. It’s your health vs wealth and I’m sure you would always keep your health a priority over wealth like I did.

See this video below on how LG PuriCare Water Purifiers are built for quality –


For the geeks finding more reasons, below are the features and specs –

Features of LG WW180EP 8 Litres Water Purifier

  • Filter change and UV sterilizing indicators
  • Dual protection stainless steel tank
  • Mineral Booster
  • Ever fresh UV plus
  • Smart display
  • Capacity: 8 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year
Model WW180EP
Capacity (Litre) 8 Liters
UV Yes
UF Yes
Filters Outside Sediment+ Sediment+Pre-Carbon+ RO + Mineral Booster
Flow Rate 1.6 LPM
Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™ Yes
Mineral Booster Yes
EverFresh UV Plus Yes
Digital Sterilizing care™ Yes
2-in-1 Water Solution™ Yes
Smart Display Yes
Water Tray Yes
Power Rating
32 W
Installation Type Wall Mount/ Desk Top
Width 36.5 cm
Height 50 cm
Depth 27.5 cm
Weight 10 kg

LG PuriCare Water Purifier Review

PS: Secretly, I fell for Iron Man’s Arc Reactor like Smart Display on the LG Water Purifier. It was love at first sight and then all the research and comparisons started 🙂

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