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Uber Eats, in the lead up to World Idli Day on March 30th revealed that ‘Idli’ is the most ordered breakfast item on its platform in India. A study of the Idli orders on Uber Eats revealed that Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai are the top three cities that ordered the most Idli on the Uber Eats platform.

Here are the top highlights from the orders analysis:

  • Top Idli loving cities: Bengaluru consumes the most Idlis, followed by Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad rounding up the top 5 idli loving cities. Globally, San Francisco, London and New Jersey are the top Idli ordering cities.
  • It’s Idli-o-clock: Undoubtedly, Idli emerged as the staple Indian breakfast of India with the item being most consumed during the morning, especially between 7.30 AM and 11:30 AM. Interestingly, March 10, 2019 was the day when India ordered the maximum amount of idlis.
  • Idli for the Health Conscious: Idli is known as a dish that is consumed by the healthy and hearty across the nation. However, health conscious Indians consumed Vegetable Idlis for a healthier, fibre-rich alternative and a nutritious start to their day, thereby making it the Health Conscious Idli of India.
  • Biggest Idli lover: A consumer in Mumbai ordered a whopping 110 plates of Idlis on 23rd February 2019.
  • India’s love for “extra”: An Uber Eats’ order analysis revealed that most Indians requested extra chutney, sambhar and the spicy ‘podi’ to go with a plate of steamy hot Idlis.
  • Just like Chai and Samosa go hand in hand, Indians love to gobble down Idlis with Fresh Lime Soda. Masala Lassi and Jal Jeera weren’t left far too behind

Uber Eats

Top Idlis ordered in each city
Bangalore Thatte Idli
Delhi and Chandigarh Veggies Idli
Chennai Rice Idli
Hyderabad Masala Fried Idli
Kochi Idli Pepper Fry
Kolkata Finger Fried Idli
Mumbai Veg. Masala Idli


City Most unconventional Idlis ordered
Coimbatore Chicken Fry Idli
Tiruchirapalli Idli Manchurian
Nagpur Chocolate Idli
Madurai Mushroom Fry idli
Kolkata Finger Fried Idli
Pune French Fry Idli

“We are delighted to know that Bengaluru has emerged as the Idli loving city of India. It is no surprise that idli is a top option for breakfast across the country. On a busy day, our presence on a food delivery platform like Uber Eats benefits us to scale our business via reliable and quick delivery to consumers, while we focus on preparing quality food. Uber Eats’ restaurant partner app predicts the demand and supply ratio and gives us insights on the number of expected orders in a given day. This helps us reduce wastage and meet consumer demand.” – Subhash Sharma, Co-Founder, Brahmins Thatte Idli – Bengaluru

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