India’s biggest sporting league, IPL 2019 kick-started last week and will go on for the next eight weeks. To keep a track on the IPL matches, Amazon’s Alexa will provide users the latest updates about the teams, matches and everything else you need to know about the cricket tournament. Amazon Echo users will now be able to easily track live cricket match scores and follow favorite teams and cricketers using simple voice commands. Alexa is now getting knowledge about the various teams, players, match schedules and trivia.

In case you missed a match, Alexa can get you up to date with “Alexa, what’s the match report/update?”. Users can also follow-up with questions like “Alexa, who won man of the match in the last game?” or “Alexa, who scored the highest in last match?”, and more.

This year, you can hear Cyrus Broacha give you regular updates on IPL with Alexa. Every week Cyrus will give you a lowdown of the action on the field with a dose of his trademark humor and insight. It doesn’t end here. Comedians, experts, and enthusiasts of the gentleman’s game will also be joining him. Users can also play with the daily cricket trivia skill which will provide 3 questions on cricket and give you 3 options each for the answers, every day. The right answer will earn you 5 runs and a chance to compete on the global leaderboard with other players for bragging rights. Just say, “Alexa, start the daily cricket trivia”. Alexa can also help you play the official IPL theme song if you say “Alexa, play the cricket cheer” or Dhoni chanting if you say.AlexaHere are a few ways in which you can interact with Alexa for cricket updates, #JustAskAlexa:

Check for cricket match schedules:

  • Alexa, when is the first IPL match?
  • Alexa, when is the IPL final?
  • Alexa, what is the IPL schedule?
  • Alexa, who won IPL last year?
  • Alexa, which teams are playing in IPL today?
  • Alexa, which teams are playing in IPL this year?
  • Alexa, what are the IPL standings? 

Team specific utterances:

  • “Alexa, who is playing for Chennai Super Kings?”
  • “Alexa, when is Rajasthan Royals next match?”
  • “Who is the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore?”
  • “When did Mumbai Indians win the IPL?” 

Catch up on a match that you missed:

  • Alexa, what’s the score of the previous IPL match?
  • Alexa, what’s the match report/ update?

Know about the players:

  • Alexa, who has the best strike rate in IPL?
  • Alexa, who has the best batting average in IPL?
  • Alexa, who has most centuries in IPL?
  • Alexa, who has scored most sixes in IPL?
  • Alexa, who has scored most runs in IPL?
  • Alexa, who is the leading wicket taker?
  • Alexa, who is on top of the IPL points table?

Cyrus says skill:

  • “Alexa, give me the cricket podcast”
  • “Alexa, ask Cyrus says for the cricket show” 

Cricket-special podcasts by Alexa:

Alexa not only keeps a track of what’s happening in the world of cricket but also loves talking about it.

  • Rahul Dravid: Just say, “Alexa, talk to me about Rahul Dravid” and hear her talk about the former Indian batsman.
  • Memorable gestures on cricket field: “Alexa, talk to me about the memorable gestures on cricket field.”
  • Mithali Raj: To hear Alexa talk about the Indian cricketer, say, “Alexa, talk to me about Mithali Raj.”
  • Funny cricket sledging: Cricket is tough and challenging. But there is always scope for humour on the pitch. To hear about the light-hearted banter in the game, say, “Alexa, talk to me about funny cricket sledging.”

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