ZOWIE Experience zone

BenQ ZOWIE, in collaboration with Forerun Computers, has opened India’s first ZOWIE Experience zone in Cochin today. ZOWIE Experience zone is a part of the retail gaming outlet launched by Forerun Computers and will serve as a tool to satisfy the growing e-sports market to make the gaming experience more accessible and personalized.

At the retail store, ZOWIE Experience zone will display XL series monitors including XL2546, XL2720 & XL2411P. ZOWIE XL-series monitors are equipped with upto 240Hz static refresh rate and native 1 ms response time. Also, ZOWIE’s newly launched RL2455S console e-Sports monitor which features static 75hz refresh rate, native 1ms response time will be available for the experience. ZOWIE Experience zone BenQ ZOWIE eSports monitors are armed with features what a gamer or a professional gamer would want. Exclusive Dynamic Accuracy ) is one of the most important features that maintain remarkable clarity during in-game movements allowing for a smoother experience. Color Vibrance is an adjustable feature which adds flexibility to easily tune preferred color tone and to distinct small targets from the background, making the trace easy and precise. ZOWIE Experience zone ZOWIE will also display its full range of gaming gears, which consists of the mouse, mousepads, Celeritas II keyboard, CAMADE and Vital. Mousepads will include G-SR, P-SR, G-TF-X, and P-TF-X. ZOWIE’s latest launch G-SR-SE (Red) will also be available for the experience. Further, ZOWIE will also be displaying CAMADE and VITAL. CAMADE is a solution for inconveniences with the mouse cable such as space constraints or cable entanglement.

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