Vu, the popular online Television brand has today announced a new range of Android TVs here in India. The company today has unveiled a total of eleven Televisions under three series – Vu Pixelight TV, Vu UltraSmart TV, and Vu Premium Android. The price starts from INR 14,500 and goes all the way up to INR 72,000 for the top variant.

VU also introduced new Vu VOD Upscale tech to enrich the video and audio playback for VOD (Video On Demand) content like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and others. High-production VOD content is made with the latest in camera and VFX technology, but in most cases, viewers do not get optimum experience because of internet speed and quality constraints. Vu has developed proprietary upscaling technology which combines multiple advanced machine learning algorithms working in parallel with DSP to provide the best video/audio playback for VOD content.


Vu Pixelight TV Series

Available in four different screen sizes, Vu Pixelight 4K TVs are equipped with technology that delivers upscaled picture and sound quality for streaming Video on Demand (VOD). With the Pixelight Remote and 4 Hotkeys to instantly access built in Premium apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube and an apps menu with plenty of Indian apps and content too. The Vu Pixelight HDR technology delivers vivid and clear visuals which, added to built-in Dolby Audio and DTS technologies, makes for an immersive entertainment experience.

Available in: 43-inch (INR 30,000), 50-inch (INR 39,000), 55-inch (INR 42000), 65-inch (INR 66,000)

Vu UltraSmart Series

The Vu Ultrasmart Full HD TV is available in three different sizes and comes loaded with Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube apps – all immediately accessible on its 4-Hotkeys remote. With a Smart Interface, the Vu Ultrasmart offers an easy way to access smart content. The High Bright Panel and built-in Dolby and DBX-TV audio deliver incredible picture and sound quality, all housed in a sleek piano design body.

Available in: 32-inch (INR 14,500), 40-inch (INR 21,000), 49-inch (INR 31,000)Vu launches new range of premium Android TVsVu Premium Android

Finally, the Vu Premium Android 4K TV is powered with HDR 10 & Dolby Vision technology, which helps upscale details by maximizing contrast and color accuracy to deliver immersive 4K HDR picture quality without losing many details. Combined with built-in high-quality Dolby MS12 Audio and & DBx-tv, Vu delivers wider soundstage audio clarity to your content. The Vu Premium Android 4K TV runs with Android 8.0 Oreo which enables access to the entire Google Ecosystem along with certified apps like YouTube, Hotstar, etc through Vu ActiVoice remote.  The Titanium grey material with OD22 slim design perfectly complements modern living room decor while minimizing visual distraction and focusing more action on the content.

Available in:  43-inch (INR 35,000), 50-inch (INR 41,000), 55-inch (INR 47,000), 65-inch (INR 72,000).

All the new TVs are available on Flipkart.

Commenting on the latest development, Devita Saraf, Chairman & CEO quoted: “The revolutionary VOD Upscaler technology has been in development for more than 3 years, with 107 man years of engineering effort to create it.  Vu makes television for the new- age consumer who wants to experience detailed picture quality and sound clarity, beautiful aesthetics and a world of content. Having customer- centric approach has led Vu to the unwavering loyalty of the customers- high net worth individuals and young professionals”

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