INOX, India’s second-largest cinema chain, has extended its partnership with Dolby to provide the latest, Dolby Multichannel Amplifiers (DMA) in theatres. This makes INOX the first multiplex in the country to acquire DMA, D Class digital amplifiers, which have a smaller footprint that can save a lot of rack space and real estate, air conditioning, and power consumption.

Using DMAs in the audio chains escalates audio reproduction without distortion making the experience better than best. These new generation amplifiers also bring other benefits like ease of connectivity, less cabling, robust design, built-in redundancies for uninterrupted playback, ability to monitor the health of the amplifiers over central NOC, and also the ability to compensate for a failed speaker till replacement ensuring consistent and high-end experience for patrons what they expect from INOX.

“Technology is the cornerstone of our business strategy, and cinema sound plays an extremely critical part in the overall cinema viewing experience,” said Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX Leisure. “I am delighted to share that we are further strengthening our association with Dolby with the deployment of Dolby’s multi-channel amplifier. We are all set to be more energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and space-efficient.”

INOX has been heavily investing in getting the best tech to Indian shores has installed six different cinema viewing formats including IMAX, Samsung Onyx LED, ScreenX, MX4D, and INSIGNIA, under one roof in Megaplex in Mumbai.

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