Nemesysco witnesses significantly increased traction for remote employee wellness monitoring during Coronavirus


Nemesysco, a leading provider of voice analytics technologies and solutions for genuine emotion detection, today announced that the company has been experiencing significantly increased traction for applying its voice analytics technology for remote employee wellness monitoring since the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

In recent weeks, millions of employees around the world have been forced to work from home for the foreseeable future in conditions that are severely impacting their individual and team productivity. Even though technologies for remote employee collaboration, such as video conferencing and virtual shared working spaces, are enabling businesses to continue working, managers are unable to fully understand and measure how these new conditions are impacting the performance and overall state-of-mind of their employees.

Nemesysco’s voice analytics solution for monitoring employee wellness is built around the company’s core Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) technology. The LVA technology is designed to reveal the genuine emotional state of a person by detecting and measuring uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during open conversations.

For remote employee wellness monitoring, the LVA technology runs in the background during real-time or recorded conversations with employees. The technology initially establishes a baseline for each monitored employee and monitors for changes in emotions relevant to the workplace, such as stress, frustration, fatigue motivation and enthusiasm.

Nemesysco Remote-employee-wellness-monitoring

Illustrative image of Nemesysco’s voice analytics technology for remote employee wellness monitoring.

“We have been a channel partner of Nemesysco here in Hungary for many years and the human resources space is currently the strongest market we are serving” said György Kis, CEO at ANIMA Polygraph Ltd. “Many of our customers, especially in the banking and insurance sector, who traditionally use the Nemesysco technology to improve their recruiting processes, are now applying the technology to better understand the mind set of their employees who are now forced to work from home in a critical effort to maintain the continuity of their businesses and the services they provide.”

“This strong interest we are currently experiencing for remote employee wellness monitoring is coming from both government organizations and enterprises across the Far East, India, Europe and Mexico. Many of our call center customers have also recently expanded their use of our voice analytics technology to monitor the emotional wellness of their agents who are now working remotely from home,” explained Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco. “These new customers initially approached us with the immediate need to ensure business continuity as they rapidly transitioned their employees to work from home and many are also telling us that they want to be prepared for the new realities of remote working that will likely continue afterwards.”

In an effort to help businesses and government organizations to ensure business continuity while their employees are working from home and other remote locations, Nemesysco is currently offering a free, no obligation trial of its recently released InTone solution. The company notes that InTone is intended for call center environments and has been recently adapted for remote employee wellness monitoring to support the needs of customers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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