Quikr launches Helphospitals.in to connect medical communities with relevant suppliers

Quikr has launched helphospitals.in, a platform that connects medical communities with relevant suppliers to source equipment’s and materials needed for treatment of COVID-19 patients and safety of medical staff.

Through this initiative, the company is helping identify medical requirements that are needed on an urgent basis and connects hospitals/doctors with suppliers who can fulfil it. Currently available pan India, the platform is seeing an increased traction on a daily basis, especially in Telangana, Delhi, Karnataka where there is a dire need for medical supplies. With an increased demand of about 2.72 lakh units across India, some of the most in need items are 3-ply masks, gloves, bouffant caps, coverall suits, ventilators, hand sanitizers, bleach disinfectant, infrared thermometer, needle cutters, and HME bacterial viral breathing filters among others.

Covid-19 Help Hospitals

This is a unique initiative which is a part of the larger industry-level drive announced recently – Action Covid-19 Team (ACT) launched by Indian start-ups and investors to support innovations that address Covid-19 challenges in the country.

If you know of any Hospitals, Clinics or related institutions in need of medical equipment and suppliers, or if you know any Manufacturer / Supplier of medical items, please share this link with them and help India get ready to fight COVID-19.

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