Acast partners with JioSaavn to expand its podcast network to South Asia

Global podcast giant Acast has partnered with JioSaavn, to enable it to leverage Acast’s extensive global network of shows. The partnership expands JioSaavn’s content offering exponentially, providing access to Acast’s infrastructure and the latest advances in podcast technology.

The clear appetite for audio in South Asia — shown through JioSaavn’s existing 104 million+ Monthly Active User (MAU) base — is paramount to Acast’s understanding of the huge opportunity for podcasts in the market. And Acast and JioSaavn will align on one central mission: to popularize podcasts in South Asia.

The companies’ aim is to educate listeners on both the merits of podcasts — including the flexibility to listen anywhere at any time — and the opportunity they provide to share culturally diverse, compelling content with global voices.
Speaking of the partnership, Acast’s Chief Business and Strategy Officer Leandro Saucedo said:
“It’s Acast’s mission to bring podcasts to all ears, all over the world. We’ve been aware of the changing audio landscape in India for some time and, in JioSaavn, we’ve found the biggest and most impactful audio streaming platform in the region — dynamic, bold and ready to push boundaries, and the perfect partner to share our podcasts with.
“There’s an audience hungry for audio in India, and we want to help give these listeners access to the extraordinary content emerging from all corners of the world, from incredible podcasting talent and recognized publishers.”

It’s Acast’s mission to bring podcasts to all ears, all over the world

In light of the partnership with Acast, Ishani Dasgupta, Lead – Podcast Partnerships at JioSaavn, said:
“Podcasting is still largely nascent to consumers in the Indian market, with momentum growing quickly. The ability to grow and build new audiences, new shows, and establish pathways for brands to access both is really just beginning for our 1.3 billion potential consumer market. As the leading podcast company globally, Acast recognizes this opportunity.”
“We’re thrilled to be partnering to integrate its robust catalogue and unique vision for content development and acquisition in India and beyond. We look forward to working closely with Acast to grow overall podcast engagement among listeners in India, as well as to join creative forces on future content that speaks to India’s diverse cultural palette.”

The infrastructure of the partnership provides a platform for Indian voices, enabling new independent podcasters to produce content, and connects JioSaavn with Acast’s large collection of global publishers including The Guardian, The Economist, Financial Times, BBC, VICE, PBS NewsHour, The Times and many more.

Acast and JioSaavn believe connecting South Asia to this content in particular – already generating 200+ million listens on a monthly basis in Europe and North America alone – will help both expand such content beyond borders, and encourage and provide publishers with the opportunity to reach new audiences and create bespoke content with them in mind.
Over the next two months, the full effect of Acast and JioSaavn’s partnership will be visible, with Acast’s content appearing in full through JioSaavn.