Yes, you read it right! For ₹297 a month you can get three Apple subscription services that offer you the biggest collection of Music (Apple Music), massive game library (Apple Arcade) and a plethora of content to watch on the telly (Apple TV+).

The best part is that you don’t have to commit to either of these platforms as you can simply take a trail before you are convinced.

Mythbuster: Just because these are services by Apple Inc. that doesn’t mean they will not run on a device that hasn’t come out from Cupertino. 

So, now let us talk some numbers and share details for each of these services:

Apple Music: You can get a monthly subscription of Apple Music for ₹79/month if you are student, ₹99/month if you want it just for yourself and ₹149/month if you want it for the whole family. 

Voila! For mere ₹99 a month you can stream 60 million songs ad‑free. Download the ones you like and play them offline. Not just that, you also get exclusive and original content that is only available on iTunes. Lastly, you can listen across all of your devices and platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows).


I listen to almost all kinds of music and I feel you need an acquired taste to enjoy the genre of World music or Indie tracks. Nevertheless, here are some Apple curated playlists that I recommend listening-

  • The New India
  • Loops
  • Feels
  • Today’s Acoustic

You can also select music by mood so if you are in a mood for some homework out then you can probably play Pure Workout or GymFlow. If you are feeling anxious you can listen to Meditation Moments, Pure Ambient or Sleep Sounds.

Bonus: What if told you that you can get Apple Music subscription free for 6 months without any commitment with free cancellation. 

Now that your music needs are satiated let us move on to some TV.

Apple TV+: For those who get confused. Apple TV is a smart TV box whilst Apple TV+ is a service just like the Apple Music but with Movies and Series. Apple TV+ works on plenty of devices – Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Smart TV’s from LG, Samsung, Sony, Amazon Fire TV devices and even web browsers on your Mac, PC or Android device. 

AppleTV+ platform compatibility

Here too for ₹99 a month you get exclusive content created by Apple called Apple Originals. These original offers, award-winning series, content from varied genres, documentaries, kids’ entertainment and more. Apart from other content users get one new Apple Originals every month.

To lift your spirits during this pandemic, I recommend watching Little AmericaBut if you are in the mood for some award-winning high voltage drama then The Morning Show is the one to watch. 

Apple TV+ Originals

I recently started watching Defending Jacob which stars Chris Evans (yes, Captain America) defending his son Jacob in this legal thriller.

If you recently bought an Apple device, then you are eligible to get Apple TV+ subscription free for an entire year. Yes, if you just bought the iPhone SE then you are eligible to receive one year of free Apple TV+ subscription. Click here to check if your device is eligible. 

Now to some gaming!

Apple Arcade: Just to clear the air, Apple Arcade is not just for hardcore gamers. It is for one and all, whether you are a casual gamer or a pro you will find games that suits your skillset. Pro gamers can even use Xbox Wireless Controllers, PlayStation DualShock 4 and MFi game controllers to play their favourite titles.

If you like experimenting and exploring new games, then Apple Arcade is something you would love. Just like Apple Music and Apple TV+ new content is added regularly so that you never run out of the fun.

apple-arcade 2020
And it runs across Apple ecosystem of devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and you can start a game on your iPad and continue on your iPhone whilst commuting or on your Apple TV when you get back home. 

Of course, all this comes with privacy and no ads or in-app purchases. One month of Apple Arcade costs ₹99 per month and can be used by up to 6 family members. That said Screen Time and parental controls also work if you want to set restrictions or monitor. 

Some of my favourite Arcade games include-

  • Overland
  • #Drive
  • Assemble
  • Lego Builder’s Journey
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts

Still unsure? Do not worry as you can try Apple Arcade free for a month before committing to a monthly fee of ₹99.

To sum it up, Apple has got you covered for all your entertainment needs be it music, movies, TV, or games. There is plenty of good stuff for one and all. The fact that these services come for dirt cheap without any trade-offs likes ads, no privacy or freemium model makes it an indispensable offer. 

So next time don’t tweet or iMessage me asking me how I am keeping myself busy and entertained during this never-ending lockdown. Yes, now you know Apple has kept me sane with its services (including FaceTime if that counts) 😉  

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