PieceX - World's first AI Powered Source Code Marketplace launched

Japanese company ONE ACT Co., Ltd, has launched PieceX. PieceX is the world’s first AI-powered source code marketplace with Dynamic Price Management.

https://www.piecex.com is a Smart Source Code Marketplace to buy and sell Code, Applications, Plugins, and Templates. In short, PieceX is a marketplace for source codes. PieceX enables you to reduce software development time by 95% with ready-to-use source code and reduce development by 90%.

Don’t start from scratch. PieceX offers the opportunity to find the best pieces of source code that will help your project development process.

“PieceX” is a platform developed and maintained by ONE ACT Co., Ltd., and anyone can purchase and sell the source code that is really usable. You can use the obtained source code as it is or modify it and use it for your own or company’s service, system, software development.

“We aim to reduce system development costs and dramatically accelerate development speed. It also makes it easier for IT beginners to provide their services to the world,” says Yusuke Asano, CEO, ONE ACT Co. Ltd.

“We aim to support the creation of great services in the world by providing a leading marketplace for creative people to sell and buy software assets including scripts, themes, code snippets, and web and mobile applications.”, says Pooja Kothari, Branch Manager, India.

Price management for tech products can be a challenging process. Developers have struggled for decades regarding which price to assign to their source code, so it’s continuously updated with the tech trends, maximizing sales, and maintaining a profitable margin.

PieceX has created an AI technology specifically designed for source code and software cost calculations. “Our proprietary AI system manages prices over source code to provide a fair price hence optimize the publisher’s income. And this is just one of the many ways we use AI at PieceX: we constantly innovate to make smarter systems and optimize the user experience by implementing AI.” says Graciela Nunez, AI Lead Engineer.

AI pricing is beneficial to both buyer as well as the seller. The buyer always gets access to a fair price and the seller gets the best price of his product.

PieceX - World's first AI Powered Source Code Marketplace launched

By collecting multiple pieces of source code you can create new services and software solutions in days. No need for more developers, get a ready to use, high- performance source code from developers around the globe. Simply buy the required piece of code from PieceX and cut development time and make faster delivery of your project to the market.

You can find a wide variety of source codes on PieceX. From AI recognition to E-commerce websites, from news websites to blog websites, from bank software to restaurant software, Android Applications, IOS Applications, Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain implementation and many more.

By selling source code, you are increasing reusability and making it available for others to utilize in their project as well as if you buy, you are still making it more reusable, and you can use it in your multiple projects. You own the source code, and you can freely modify the code to suit the needs of your different projects.

PieceX’s team and algorithms inspect all products first and make sure that you get the best quality code for your project. You can even contact sellers directly to know more about the product before you purchase the product. You can check the reviews too before you proceed with your purchase.

In case you need some features to be implemented for your upcoming project, you can request that source code from developers and publishers on PieceX.

In current Software Development, there are many modules that requires skilled software engineers and in order to create a working software, there are processes such as hiring experienced software developers or outsourcing to software developers or even nurturing engineers through training. Also, there are limitations in terms of budget as well as timelines to deliver the project.

PieceX provides a platform that can be immediately used, and the knowledge, experience of experts, and advanced users can be utilized to achieve your software development rapidly.

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