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Lenovo, the global technology giant has now collaborated with Featherlite, a leading furniture manufacturing organization, and MyPhyzio, a professional ergonomic consulting firm to build an effective ‘Work From Home’ guideline for efficient remote working experience titled WFH 101.

This project aims at providing guidelines for an ideal ‘Work From Home’ setup about electronics, furniture, overall infrastructure, body posture, and lifestyle for everyone. This initiative is directed at educating everyone about maximizing productivity while working from home, and will focus on three aspects:

  • Guiding consumers in setting up their dedicated workspace at home.
  • Advising them on the right products and technologies to enable maximum productivity
  • Recommending best practices while working from home, to ensure a healthy lifestyle, work-life balance, and avoid burnouts.

Lenovo Featherlite

According to a recent global Lenovo study conducted specifically on the evolution of work during COVID – 19, 43% of Indian professionals surveyed complained about back pains, while 38% complained of neck pains and more. Along with physical ailments, workers across India have also identified healthy work-life balance as another top challenge while working from home. In fact, 70% feel it is more important to have separate devices (personal computers, phones, etc.) for work and their personal life.

These insights highlight the need for proper WFH guidance to minimize discomfort, including ergonomically designed furniture, uninterrupted internet connectivity, large external monitor that adjusts to natural eye-level, appropriate headphones and other neatly arranged accessories. Maintaining right body posture, making time for lunch and coffee breaks, and following basic videoconferencing etiquette is also important for individuals working remotely.

“2020 has been a year with multiple industry-wide shifts and uncertainties. With the onset of the ‘new normal’, Lenovo has been determined to better empower remote workers of tomorrow with smarter technology, ergonomically correct equipment, and overall guidance and support. With this WFH 101 guide, we will attempt to simplify the overall WFH experience for consumers.” – Amit Doshi – Chief Marketing Officer, Lenovo India said.

Satish Kumar Sharma, President, Featherlite Office Systems, commented on this initiative, “We understand the remote working trend has brought on a set of literal aches, mainly due to inadequate infrastructure at home. As a provider of best-in-class ergonomically designed home office furniture, Featherlite chairs & height adjustable desks are well placed to ensure better body posture and healthy lifestyles. We are also proud to utilize our wide reach in 60 cities and our “Make in India” range of products as we partner with Lenovo in the WFH 101 guide.

“As more people continue to work from their home office settings during the pandemic, this WFH 101 guide will help them become cognizant of the ergonomics of their environment and other factors impacting their overall mental and physical health. With our expertise in corporate physiotherapy, we want to assist working professionals to adapt to a healthy and productive lifestyle.”- Dr.Megha Arora, Co-founder, MyPhyzio also said in a statement.

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