Telegram Update 2GB limit

One of the most popular messaging services and Whatsapp rival, Telegram has today rolled out a massive update, appending Profile Videos along with advanced People Nearby features, unlimited file sharing with a limit up to 2GB per file and lots more. With the latest update coming into action, a Telegram user can change their profile picture into a profile video. Telegram will start playing the video automatically when someone opens the user’s profile, the company said in a statement on Sunday.

Telegram has moved on from the previous limit of 1.5GB per file and extended it to 2GB for any file type. The latest update also improves the much-loved People Nearby feature, which can now indicate the distance between the user and any of the detected contacts.

Additionally, If a user getting too many messages from any of the non-contacts, the user can now use the new switch in Privacy and Security settings to automatically archive and mute the new chats from people not saved in contacts. For group owners with over 500 members, admins can now view detailed graphs about their activity and growth easily. Group stats will also display a list of the top members. Also, the company confirms that, in the near future, these features will be available for groups with just over 100 members as well. Telegram Desktop now supports multiple accounts, like the mobile app which already has the capabilities since 2017

Telegram Update 2GB limit

Telegram has also added some new photo editing tools which can soften their skin before sending it to someone. Also, the video player has been redesigned with new buttons, expanding tracklist and lots more.

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