OnePlus Data Leak

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has reportedly exposed hundreds of email addresses of customers the previous week when the brand sent out a mass email about a research study, as stated by Android Police. The employee whomsoever sent the emails seems to have forgotten to use ‘bcc’ to hide the addresses. Here’s complete info on the OnePlus Data Leak

While this leak was fairly minor compared to the previous one where the customer’s information including the Name, address and more. There is a high probability that the email was sent to customers who signed up for an OnePlus user experience survey after the 10.5.11 update.

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OnePlus didn’t quickly respond to a question for comment. Instead of putting email IDs of customers in the “BCC” field, the company ended up copy-pasting hundreds of email addresses in the “To” field. The accurate number of users affected in this goof-up is currently anonymous but one among the listed told Android Police that the number is in “hundreds”

These leaks have been becoming very common these days alongside hacks that have been going on on Twitter and Youtube recently.

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