Youtube Kids now Available on Amazon Fire TV


Amazon announced today that the YouTube Kids application will now be available on all the Fire TV devices all over the world, this information comes after which Amazon said that the application would be available to Fire TV users back in February. The Amazon Fire TV is developing fast, and the most recent expansion comes with the addition of YouTube Kids to the platform. Here are all the details regarding the Youtube Kids app on FireTV

Fire TV which allows users to stream their favourite streaming and live TV services announced in the kid-centred blog post that new streaming options including the YoutTube Kids are on their way. From today, YouTube Kids will join Amazon’s FireTV’s set of applications for children on the platform which previously includes applications such as PBS Kids, the Sega app and more.

The YouTube Kids app was designed for kids, in order to create a safe environment that kids could explore on their own, The app has made it easy for kids to interact with, including fun-filled simple menus, fun graphics, and larger than normal buttons. With YouTube Kids, Parents can create individual profiles for children, which is customizable to different age groups such as preschool, younger and older.

“Since we know no two families — or kids — are the same, parents will be glad to know that the app provides them with significant control over the content their children have access to: Create customized profiles for each child in your family, manage time limits, and block subjects or channels that you don’t want kids to see,” Amazon shared in a blog post. The post also discussed the increasingly healthy parental controls for Amazon Prime content and device usage.

Amazon said that, The YouTube Kids app will begin rolling out to customers starting today. What do you think of the newly joining YouTube Kids app on FireTV? Will you be considering it for your children? Do let us know in the comments below or but tweeting it out to us @theunbiasedblog


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