BYJU’S, is preparing to create history by hosting the world’s biggest school quiz ever. DISCOVERY SCHOOL SUPER LEAGUE POWERED BY BYJU’S (DSSL) aims at bringing over 30,000+ schools on its platform, giving over 1 crore students the opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary virtual challenge and win exciting prizes. Students across the country will participate in the quiz using the DSSL app and the top teams from each state will qualify for the ‘TV round’, which will also be shot remotely.

The first two editions of DSSL were conducted with a mix of on-ground and digital participation and received participation from 1 crore students from over 30,000 schools. Given the on-going pandemic, BYJU’S plans on leveraging its digital expertise to create a first-of-its-kind 100% virtual challenge, allowing students from all parts of the country to test and apply their knowledge.

BYJU’S to host world’s biggest school quiz ever

Commenting on this unprecedented launch, Atit Mehta, VP – Marketing, BYJU’S said, “We have taken extraordinary steps to ensure that students don’t miss out on their favourite school quiz this year. In fact, thanks to the growing acceptance and adoption of digital learning, we expect the participants to be higher than ever before. Never has a school-quiz happened at such a scale before and we are thrilled to be creating history alongside Discovery. Our new format will give students across all parts of the country a transparent and unbiased platform to compete and showcase their capabilities to the entire nation. Online learning has been breaking the glass ceiling that existed in education for years and with such an initiative we want to further ignite the passion and love for learning among children everywhere.”

Megha Tata, Managing Director – South Asia, Discovery, said, “In just 2 years, DSSL has emerged as India’s favourite school quiz. Despite the on-going pandemic, we continued to receive numerous queries from students across the country on how and when the quiz will return this year. This love and adulation inspired us to use technology and conceptualize this school quiz through a new lens. We’re confident that young & eager minds will be delighted to participate in the newly launched quiz.”

Conceptualized at a never-before scale, Discovery SCHOOL SUPER LEAGUE POWERED BY BYJU’S, will reach out to 30,000+ schools across 29 states, targeting participation from students in the age-group of 8 to 16 years. Each participant will be able to give four preparatory tests and there is no entry fee to participate in the main school quiz either. After a rigorous selection process, the top team from each of the states will qualify for the 6-episode TV quiz show which will premiere on Discovery Channel and Discovery Kids in the coming year.

The winners of the Discovery School Super League Powered by BYJU’S will win an all-expense-paid trip to NASA. Students will be able to participate in DSSL 2020 by downloading the app available on Android and iOS:

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